I welcome ALL comments, suggestions, criticisms and various other forms of wit at any time:

If you invite me to review or critique your establishment,  
please specify if:
  • I will need to make the reservation (because I love and have a good thing going with points there!) or if you will (totally acceptable, too)
  • You have a specific point of contact that I should speak to or interview during meal service (I like to know that someone will be there if there are questions or issues that arise)
  • The meal is complimentary for me and one guest (or if there is a special deal for me plus one - as I will rarely EVER dine alone)
I cannot accept all invites but sincerely appreciate the kind offers! 

My intent to have a very unbiased and very honest voice on my blog. If I have an unfavorable experience, you will be notified prior to posting anything negative and have an opportunity to discuss what went wrong.
Thank you again for your consideration!

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