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I'm a mom of 3 living a creative life in a vibrant city.

Since I was 3 years old, I was a New Yorker, but I didn't actually live in the city until the early aughts. I knew by watching Sesame Street that city life was meant for me.

I grew up in the Midwest and then moved with my family to Upstate/Central New York when I was 10. When I finished school, I thought I was too good for college and I moved around to some places like Hawaii, South Korea and Germany.

Our Wedding Reception - at Daniel
Why would anyone do that? Because at 18, we're all stupid and know everything better.... So I got married young (SO dumb) and spent 20 years of my life as an Army wife (SO MUCH dumber) and hated it (Mama told me so!)... The only good thing about that kind of lifestyle was meeting so many people along the way and I had unique opportunities to live places that most people read about in magazines. However... I usually lived where the government mandated me and my family to live - which was far from glamorous - and I wouldn't refer to any place with the name "Fort Rucker" as a national treasure.

Fast forward....

When I had an opportunity to move to NYC, I had a much better idea of what it meant to be happy. I had also managed to complete 3 college degrees by then (sometimes you can get wiser with age!). I'm here to tell the world: Change was and IS good!
I met my future spouse at a restaurant. We talked about food, A LOT... In fact, it was my fantastic husband that introduced me to the real joy of food. He seriously cooks like a celebrity chef - probably because he learned from them directly! He also owns more cookbooks than I ever thought possible. With the limited square footage in our apartment, we manage to have every Daniel Boulud cookbook known to man.

Speaking of our apartment, we all live in magnificent Manhattan, with our dogs.... Our home seems a little cramped at times, but that's the way we like it.

I found my true passion in writing and the happiness it brings me to share my stories and my perspective on things.

Me with my little guy.... Jack Thomas
I started with a blog that was featured on Yahoo! back in 2003 and it had thousands of page views a day. It was so much fun that I expanded to writing for Bravo TV and interviewing celebrities. During my move from one place to the next, I took a break from the writing scene for awhile - but once I re-surfaced, I found my way back... and that brought me here: NYC Foodie Girl.

While I write a good deal, I'm also an actor, voice over artist, producer and overall creative content creator. (See VictoriaPrather.com)

WDW with Goofy (c) 2013

Send me a note about NYC restaurants or the food scene anytime. I'd love to hear from you! NYCFG@nycfoodiegirl.com.

Thanks again for stopping by! Here's to happy, magical and tasty adventures!

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