Top 5 Chocolates You Need for Valentine's Day

We have great chocolate options in NYC.
There are so many choices of chocolates - in different styles, sizes, and flavors appropriate for anyone and everyone -including just a selfish purchase just for yourself!

But if you're looking for some help with your sweet-toothed sweetie, here's a surefire way to make this a very delicious Valentine's Day!

The top 5 chocolate shops in the city:

Try their chocolate covered macadamia nuts or get some signature spiced Wicked Hot Chocolate any day of the week, but for the special day, check out the Happily Ever After! It's like a jewelry box full of chocolately surprises!

They literally have EVERYTHING I love right here - but those champagne truffles are the real deal.  For Valentine's Day 2018, they created three delicious new duo-filled heart shaped chocolates that pair sweet and spicy fillings: white chocolate strawberry with gingerbread herbs, milk chocolate raspberry with pink pepper, and dark chocolate cherry with anise seed.

The variety of flavors and interesting combos - a favorite is the Viola Truffle45% cacao dark milk chocolate + candied violet flower + mini purple floret. Check out the exotic truffle heart collection.

This is a NYC treasure. I have a penchant for the Nonpareils here -oh! And the seasonal chocolate covered strawberries: YES, please! They won't last long and I suggest contacting the store direct to get an order in ahead of time. 

Some would argue this is THE place for Champagne truffles! Directly from Switzerland, so be sure to ask about their freshness dates if visiting the store in person vs. ordering online. They are a little old school here, but you'll see why they are a city favorite. 

And if you have a favorite, let me know in the comments! I'm always open to new places - but not a "Chocolate Bar" in Union Square. Once was enough there. 

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