New Places to Explore This Year & The Super Bowl

Oh wow! What a year!

I know we're already in February right now, so I can't exactly say "Happy New Year!" - but I think it's still early enough to be reflective.

I moved crosstown in November 2017, right before Thanksgiving. East to West. Best thing about this? Opening up the possibility to discover new restaurants in Manhattan.

 You may recall that I typically favored the East Village and the Lower East Side in so many of my posts. Sure, I made it to Midtown occasionally, but it's just not as interesting for a variety of reasons. As any NYC resident will tell you: STAY AWAY from Times Square if you want anything good to eat, as the most you'll find over there are a ton of chains.

So this opens up my often neglected blog to some newer places to check out for 2018.

I hope you'll explore some new locations with me as I think it will be a fun year... now if ONLY the weather would be a tad better so I'm more apt to GO OUTSIDE versus getting everything delivered!

Speaking of, with the Super Bowl coming up - anyone having a party? Catering ideas? I have a few recommendations: Epicerie Boulud (their Angus Chili has been a MAINSTAY in our home for years now!), Rotisserie Georgette - check out their Fat Bastard feast and the goodness that they have over at The Cannibal Beer and Butcher. All good things to check out either for the game or any other festive time.

And as my team is NOT in the Super Bowl this year, I'll be rooting for the Eagles - because, I just can't do the other team. Fly Eagle, FLY!

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