Happy New Year and #Whole30

Happy New Year, everyone!

I tried to post a few times today, but I've been distracted and technologically challenged. I understand the premise of Mercury retrograde, so I'm going to blame that for the moment.

However, it is technically still January 1st as I am writing this, so I am meeting my goal for sharing my Whole 30 journey here on my blog.

I should preface this blog post with the fact that I've been reading up on Whole 30, what it is, how I can best approach it and even with a major life changing decision of WHEN to commit to this healthy journey.

It's not about what I'm NOT going to eat, but what I WILL be eating. I'm not going to lie (or die!!): It's effing exciting and terrifying as hell to do this. But let me also tell you, this is NOT a trend. It's also not a diet.

It's easy: see the photo -- and you know what? I can do this! It's just 30 days. Plus...It's not in my nature to be a cheater, so I think I'll be good... no matter how much I might miss some things in the beginning. I'm a big picture kinda' person.

Yet, I had to get in a mindset to even consider this program, so I chose today to start.

I didn't choose January 1st because of the new year or any kind of resolution, I came up with that number based on the fact that I don't have anything major planned going on during this time. I won't have temptations of holiday parties or family gatherings. I can always put off going out drinking with my friends... or I can still go, of course, I'll just be the one with sparkling water and interesting conversations that don't involve rum or wine... I'm also not traveling in the month of January, so that makes doing Whole 30 that much easier.

What I can say is that over the past 6 to 9 months I've had issues with food, my weight, sleeping disorders and a general feeling of "meh".

So I'm giving Whole 30 a real try.

In the book, it says that this will be hard, but to just give them the 30 days.

They also say that it's NOT hard - because cancer, THAT is hard. Birthing a baby: THAT is hard. Losing a parent: oh so HARD.

So drinking my coffee without cream and sugar doesn't seem all that hard afterall...

However, I also have to consider that I'm facing challenges in the kitchen. My husband is the chef in our house and does 99.99 percent of the cooking. It's the only area in my life where I'm the .01 percent! Yay me...!!! Not.

I will have to re-learn some cooking foundations if I am to keep this food and health journey a successful one.

I'll post daily and share some photos and I hope to do some vlogging over the next 30-days as well.

If you're interested in Whole 30, take a look at the program here: http://whole30.com/

I look forward to sharing with you and wish you all a wonderful year full of health, happiness and deliciousness!

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