A Yummy Taste of Home: Delivered

There's something to be said about the taste of home.

While living in New York City, I can get practically anything at any hour of the day delivered to my home. However, I found a gem of a bakery that brought the taste of my Midwestern roots to my doorstep in midtown Manhattan in just a few short clicks. (Isn't the Internet GREAT?!)

One of my biggest vices are sweets - and boy! Do I ever love anything from a bakery!
And, well, especially cinnamon rolls.
(For the record: I've tried numerous times in the past to bake my own homemade version,  and fail miserably.)

That's why Cinnamon Sweet Rolls from Historic Grounds Bakery and Coffee Shop had my name written all over them!  One of my all time favorite items!

I ordered them with great anticipation and in just a couple of days, they arrived in a very nice gift box tied up with gingham ribbon. The frosting was packaged separately from the rolls -which made better sense; I was able to place a singular cinnamon bun into the toaster oven for a few minutes just to warm it up.

Each time you can have a fresh-from-the-oven warm cinnamon roll ---of course, with the frosting just melting down the sides and getting a beautiful icing look to them.

Historic Grounds tout that they are made from a passed down family recipe and "twisted into wonderful cinnamon & brown sugar goodness". NYCFG agrees: yummy!!

I'd recommend giving Historic Grounds a try -they make some really delicious home baked pastries - and they make great gifts, too. 

And as a special offer, you can get a free cookie when you mention NYCFG (or NYC Foodie Girl) with your order (just place in the comment section). 
NYCFG and "Jack approved" Cinnamon Sweet Rolls

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