Spring Is On Its Way - And I'm Outta' Here

I've just had it with the weather forecasts for the northeast. I'm so glad I'm not from Boston. I would
have to just leave. As in: forever. There's no way I could put up with their snowfall amounts and still call that place home.
I found it bad enough that NYC seemed to have a really long winter last year, and this winter season was no picnic either..
Not to mention that tomorrow is the official FIRST day of SPRING and there's snow in our forecast.
So that's it.
I'm headed to Florida.
I'll let you know how the warm sun feels when I get there....
It won't be a long trip, but it will give me a moment to recharge and also have some more entries to my travel blog section.

I still love you New York, but I need a break from the cold and wintery crap for a moment... See you on the sunny side!

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