How to Ask for a Recommendation

I love getting emails and direct messages from y'all. I really do.
Wait - why did I just write "y'all"?
Wow. I forget sometimes where I am...

Ok, let's try that again:
So I like when you guys ask me questions about NYC and all it has to offer.
But PLEASE do me a favor! Before you ask, "What's your favorite --XYZ--?" take the time to give me some context.
  • Where in the city are you planning to visit? 
  • What kinds of cuisine do you or your party prefer/like? If you're vegan, tell me that! If you are a HUGE carnivore, let me know that.
  • What's your price point? Don't get a reservation at a place that has a dollar menu if you're looking to splurge. And on the other hand, if you want to spend a little, but not take out a second mortgage, just tell me. No judgement here!

This week alone, I had ten inquiries - all very generic in nature. And no, I'm not picking on anyone in particular as I really would like to help you with your New York "foodie" questions.
I just need more information than you're giving me to begin with, so if you can frame your questions, I'll help you out with a lot more specificity!

I'm also thinking of publishing some of the questions/answers in an upcoming blog. I think a lot of you are requesting the same things and it might be useful to you.

And I have some homework for you now, readers and followers:
Valentine's Day is approaching. Have you made your reservations yet? Let me know! I'm always interested to hear what others are planning -tourists and locals! Comment below or tweet your reply!

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