It's Been Awhile: An Explanation
It has been a difficult time in my personal life, which is why I haven't posted in such a long, long
Without over-sharing, I'll just tell you simply: My world came to a complete halt since my mother passed away on November 2, 2014. Bertha D. Kramer.
An amazing woman, someone that I would call several times a week, just to check in... she's no longer here on an earthly plane, but she's always with me in spirit.
I truly miss her and always will.
However, I must continue writing at some point. I know that.
It's time to get back to life and living. Mom would have wanted that, too. She always told her children to "never sweat the small stuff" and to be happy in our lives - find it and cherish it.
Thanks for your patience. I'm hoping we can all have some foodie adventures soon... Stay tuned and stay hungry!

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