Product Review: Nee Coffee Dripper

I'm a coffee snob. I didn't used to be this way. I was predominantly a tea drinker for the majority of my adult life, but something changed. I now drink more coffee than I care to admit! However, the must meet standards.
coffee that I drink is never watered down or tasteless - it has to be very, very good. Quality cannot, under any circumstance, be compromised.
Oh how I love French Press coffee and very rich, dark flavors with just a tad of cream and a sprinkle of turbinado sugar!
Folgers and other regular store brands really disgust me. Sorry. Just not happening.
Anyway -- NYC Foodie Girl had an opportunity to review a I was very happily surprised with my experience with the Nee Coffee Dripper.
The video  tells more about the simple process, but keep in mind that the porcelain dripper is placed on an empty cup to begin - it just sits atop. The ease of this kind of coffee making process is understated and the overall taste of the coffee was really great.

NYC Foodie Girl was not compensated for the review; a sample dripper was provided for my personal use to keep.

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