A Perfectly Sweet Holiday Surprise

It was Thanksgiving morning and the intercom rang... indicating something was either being delivered or someone was coming to visit.

The dogs went crazy as soon as the familiar ring went off, as they normally do -if they know someone is about to be at the doorstep, they have to be faithful to their people. They are ready to spring into action and keep any unwanted events from happening, just by being the psycho Chihuahuas that they are. Who or what could it be??

Foodie Mail: What You're Asking NYCFG

This is just a small collection of the items that come across my desk. I thought you'd find a few of these helpful, so I am reposting as-is, no edits.

Dear NYC Foodie Girl, I like your site! Where can I go for Thanksgiving in NYC? Will there be any restaurants open?

Putting a Spin on Chicken and French Cuisine

Newly opened RĂ´tisserie Georgette on Manhattan's Upper East Side will undoubtedly make an indelible mark on NYC's culinary map.

Georgette Farkas, the owner and creator of a restaurant with her own namesake has been a concept since Ms. Farkas was a young girl. This is not a "fly by night" operation, it's literally been decades in the works. Ms. Farkas has a flair for the luxury and a penchant for all things refined. Sure, it helps that she was also an integral member of Daniel Boulud's team - running the public relations for all of his restaurants for 17 years combined with her Harvard degree. 

Georgette's entrepreneurial calling is inspired by memories of meals she enjoyed in France as a child. The menu at RĂ´tisserie Georgette's is centered around

Cooking with Class at De Gustibus

Yuzu and Green Chili Scented Nishiki Risotto
As someone who enjoys good food and fine dining, I was a bit skeptical about a cooking school invite. After all, the reason I write so much about food is because I'm usually sitting in a restaurant versus standing in the kitchen.

I just don't enjoy cooking. Mostly because I don't do it well. Any time I have attempted to make a meal for my family, there's usually a smoke alarm going off -that signals that it's time to call for delivery or take-out. 

But..... I thought that going to this particular cooking class was intriguing, especially because of the reputation of the venue...

The Cake You Must Absolutely Get Now

Multiple Layers of Pumpkin Pie Cake
Christina Tosi has done it again.

Momofuku Milk Bar is featuring a brand new and seasonally appropriate creation, Pumpkin Pie Cake, made up of layers of graham cracker cheesecake and pumpkin ganache, topped with candied pumpkin seeds!

The new flavor launches on November 3rd and is available for a very short time! Order one today or cry all season long that you didn't get in on the delicious...!

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