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It's so refreshing to see something that may seem like just another sandwich shop, be so much more.
Coconut "Bacon" Sandwich

Spreads Sandwich Shop is a bit new to the area, but the owners have been in the culinary biz for quite awhile. Spreads is a creation put together by by Maggie Talisman, Moshe Mallul and Mike Ezekiel - the forces behind the successful NYC lunch spot Dishes. The concept behind Spreads has more to do with the menu creations versus cookie-cutter type lunch spots that are peppered throughout the city.

What I like most about this place, is that almost everything is made to order and it is a
chef-driven gourmet menu. Sandwiches are not pre-made or warmed up. Items consist of a flavorful lot with lunch menu items such as truffled grilled cheese and coconut bacon. Here is the actual listing:

Roasted Cauliflower
  • TRUFFLED GRILLED CHEESE  aged cheddar + grilled asparagus + black truffle spread + house spread + grilled pressed sourdough
  • COCONUT BACON  applewood-smoked coconut “bacon”+ avocado + tomato + house greens + housemadevegan mayo + seven grain bread
I had the coconut bacon - and I would argue that this is one of the best vegetarian sandwiches I've ever had! Every morsel was bursting with flavor.

Even a freshly prepared side of cauliflower is a gorgeous presentation of simplicity that combines taste with just the right texture. Spreads makes just about everything onsite, including smoking their own meats and pickling veggies, baking daily, and even making an amazing tasting mayo and almond milk from scratch.  I've actually been told that they'd "even make the lettuce if they could..."  Pret-A-Manger, this is not.

The vibe is a bit Lower East Side meets the corporate crowd - located at 441 Park Avenue South. They have an expansive catering menu and an enticing breakfast menu that's also calling to me:
Most everything can be offered to accommodate any dietary needs - to include gluten-free. There are vegan items and some incredible juices on the menu as well. Desserts like a strawberry tapicoca yogurt was also notably delicious. If you're on the go and don't want to do a typical Starbucks run, the coffee here might have you converting to something outside the box. (Don't be a afraid to do something different!)

Most everyone walking in the door gets their items to go -but there is some room to sit with high bistro chairs and counters. Seating is really the only limitation to this establishment. They also specialize in catering, touting a motto "From farm to conference table."

Disclaimer: NYCFG had an invite from the restaurant owner to try out a sampling of some of the menu items. However, in all fairness and without hesitation I would recommend this restaurant wholeheartedly without the offer of any complimentary food. It really was that good! I plan on going back. Frequently.

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  1. YES! Spreads is SOOO GOOD!!!! A bit pricey, but their salads are delicious.


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