The Number 1 Must Avoid Chocolate Place in NYC: It's Like Number 2, Too...

Do You Like Chocolate Doo-Doo... ?
Please! Tourists! Why are you bothering with Max Brenner's in Union Square? Does it look cool? Does it seem like real NYers would eat there?
Maybe so -
But DON'T.
I actually went there... because I just had to satisfy my curiosity. And there are times that I just wish I'd keep walking... but no.
Not this time. NYCFG had to go in to prove a point. I swear I hate my own stupidity at times... But seriously, in the name of good journalism, I thought I'd give it a shot.
Guess what? I discovered that this place is just disgusting.
It's like the Olive Garden of chocolatiers. I can't even legitimately say that this was even close to chocolate, so to even use the term, "chocolatiers" is a complete misnomer.
The waiter was incredibly nice and very attentive. But that's where it began and ended.
Food: no flavor.
Desserts: no flavor.
It was just overly sweet, waxy and REPUGNANT chocolate situated in a big space near a cool part of NYC. That is IT.
DO NOT GO HERE. For the love of all things GOOD and of GOD! DO NOT waste your hard earned cash to go to this so-called "chocolate" place.
It's terrible. It's gross. It's REVOLTING.
I'm embarrassed to say that I even went there - but that is what my blog is about: to give an honest review no matter what the consequence.
When I say that "Life is too short to eat bad food" - I mean it. DO NOT WASTE your precious CALORIE COUNT on this sh!thole. Move on... and don't be fooled by people sitting inside.
They are all naive tourists, too...
Keep walking and avoid, avoid, avoid.
We have so many interesting places to consume fabulous chocolates and pastries. THIS IS NOT one of them.
You don't have to stay in that area - grab a cab. Catch a bus. Slum on the subway if you have to... Just go anywhere but Max Brenner's! Check out City Bakery, Jacques Torres, Dominique Ansel, Vosges, Neuhaus or Mariebelle Fine Chocolates.
Be better than an innocent tourist. Be aware that not all chocolate is created equal and there are abundant amounts of charlatans in this town that will take you for your money at every corner. You've been warned: RUN away from Max Brenner - nasty ass chocolate by the bald man. (Just think: his hair loss is probably in that truffle you ordered...).
Seriously - the number one place to NOT go to, because... let's face it, it tastes like number 2....

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