YES, Way! Jennifer's Way is Setting the Celiac Standard

Ok, you've read my rantings before about gluten free.
I know, I know... It gets old.
So seriously, I'll keep this review brief, simple and to the point.
Someone has gotten the gluten free concept almost 100% right!

Jennifer's Way in the East Village has just opened. You may have heard/seen of the bakery's owner, Jennifer Eposito on film and TV. She has Celiac's Disease and she spent a lot of time and effort to set the standard for gluten free items. And yes, she has been successful and is almost perfect...

I say "almost" because so many of the baked items (and my husband and I literally tried one of EACH) are spot on in terms of taste and texture.You're not eating sawdust or a brick. The cupcakes were by far, my favorite. They offered just the right amount of frosting, not some mega-blob of sickly sweet sugar. The bakery also has choices for either a regular size cupcake or a mini. Just for the record: my 2 year old son LOVE the little minis. They are the perfect bite size! The carrot cake and devil's food were my favorites. The muffins and cookies also did really well in our taste test with an emphasis on the regular chocolate chip (vs. the vegan version) and the oatmeal chocolate chip. Seriously could NOT tell they were gluten free. I'd rather just label them as GOOD FREAKIN' COOKIES (you know, "gf" could stand for that, too?!)!

What I thought could be improved:
A couple of items that might need some more experimentation in the kitchen would be the artisan bread and the pretzel sticks. The bread was slightly on the dry side and the pretzel sticks were more like an Italian bread stick - they might taste better warmed up and served with some olive oil? I don't know - that's just a thought. I found that the cost of the items are just a tad pricy, too, compared to other specialty bakeries. However, once you know more about the overall process and how much goes into the recipes and ingredients, it's kind of expected that you're not going to have a dollar menu!

For those of you who don't have to eat gluten free, lucky you! For those that do, THIS is a place you really should give a chance. The bakery also avoids refined sugars, uses non-GMO products and strives to source local and organic whenever they can. Vegan and yeast-free options are also offered.

Visit the website: and read about the how/why of Jennifer's Way, too. It's a story that starts off with a lot of confusion, pain and depression until she had a diagnosis -but like all good stories, there is a very happy, and in her case, a very sweet ending!

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