Be On "de" Look Out: Wafel Magic is Happening

"de Bastongne" wafel
Although it was an early morning tour for me, the waffle trucks were already out in full force by the time I arrived at the Wafels & Dinges headquarters in Brooklyn. I almost expected to see little elves busily at work...but we all know that real elves wouldn't be seen in public, right?

I walked in and found that the place was relatively quiet and at the same time, quite large. From the outside, it doesn't seem like much, but upon entering, you see that the space is very wisely configured to use every inch in a smart fashion.

The waffle dough and batter production, as well as the training facility is all housed in one facility out - for right now. But alas.... There is something in "de midst"...

They are expanding and going beyond food trucks.  Get ready to welcome the Wafel & Dinges Café in the East Village.
Making the Stroopwafels
Besides the regular offerings of sweets and toppings, you will be able to get a variety of coffees and espresso -including a special blend exclusively designed for Wafels & Dinges by Brooklyn Roasting Company. (The coffee will also make its way to the trucks, so no worries.)

All of your favorites will be in the café, including a new savory version called "de Bastongne" wafel. It's a potato waffle infused with bacon and onion, served with "Syrop de Liege" and sour cream -a specialty from the Belgian Ardennes. Basically, you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one now.

Your hips and waist line are thanking you now, right?!

Another new item are "stroop wafels" - which are not inherently Belgian, but they have been modified to fit "de menu" for the cafe. Since NYCFG spent close to 7 years in western Europe, I've had these delicate thin wafer cookies with a syrup filling before, and seriously used to buy them by the CASE. Wafels & Dinges give it their own stroopy signature and I'm excited to see this added to the selections of goodies.
Liege Dough - Magical Recipe

Of course, Wafels & Dinges has made their specialty signature flavor with spekuloos... expect to see ice cream and shake versions available at the new café as well.

Of special note and interest was that they run a "green" business that doesn't waste product or resources. Broken cookies are not thrown away, they turn into toppings or mixed into a shake! The owner believes in high quality and runs the company with a very family-like atmosphere. In fact, Wafels & Dinges doesn't have a lot of turn-around of employees that you see so much in the food service industry.

There is also a reason why the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs is involved in this New York-based wafel producer. You're getting the original recipe - not the dumbed-down, almost insulting, IHoP version. This is an authentic Belgian recipe that requires specialized imported sugar to maintain the correct consistency.
Warning: This Woman Should Not Be Trusted With a Waffle Iron

At the end of my tour, I looked around and realized there still weren't any elves or Oompa Loompas making the special waffles and toppings, but maybe they were hiding from public view. You can go on tour yourself at the Royal Dinges Factory and see if you find any evidence. Wafels & Dinges will hook you up with samples and you can watch the magic happen from an insider's point of view.

And be sure to watch for the grand opening of deWafel & Dinges Café, 15 Avenue B & East 2nd Street, East Village, NYC.

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  1. i am OBSESSED with stroopwafels. i need to try these!


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