Share Your Bar Hopping Knowledge with Me

I need HELP!!
My beautiful daughter will be a "newly minted" 21 year-old next month and I want to take her somewhere fun and special for her entry into adulthood. I know that it won't be her first drink by a long shot and let me set the record very straight: I am not taking her out to see how many drinks she can sling back before officially being declared a drunk.

I'm also hoping to avoid loud music and obnoxious behavior!
I merely want to have a very memorable and respectable moment by sharing an adult beverage with my daughter.
I have been thinking of PDT on St. Marks - but is that too kitschy or corny? What other places can you think of? McSorley's has history, but it also only has ale. I think a fun cocktail in a trendy NYC locale is in order.
Please give me some ideas - comments on my blog, FB page or a Twitter reply would be greatly appreciated!

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