Losing the Cupcake Battle...

Coconut Vanilla - Good but NOT "The Best"

I've been a fan of Butter Lane for awhile and have written a full review about them before... but I've got to get this out of my system.

It is so frustrating that the "gluten free" items they offer are: 1) a dusty-tasting cookie (HANDS-DOWN THE WORST I HAVE EVER HAD) or 2) an 'icing shot' - which is simply disgusting to have by itself.  It's sugary sweet and nothing more... And the texture is not something I'd recommend as as stand-alone item... But that is what they offer. Gee. Thanks.

While I don't have to eat gluten free, my husband does -so it feels unfair to not have something for him to share (which is why Big Gay Ice Cream is a lifesaver because it's practically next door!). Each time I visit Butter Lane, I'll ask if they have a gluten free alternative (yet).  Most often, I get a shrugging of the shoulders and a semi-polite "no"... and then the servers offer him that nasty icing shot as a gluten free alternative. Sorry, but getting a gob full of sugar in a little paper cup is just a COMPLETE INSULT.

When we heard that Butter Lane FINALLY came out and made a gluten free cookie, I was SO excited to get back to the bakery....

That is, until we tried this nasty concoction that someone is calling edible and uses a familiar term "chocolate chip cookie" that has more in common with sawdust than anything else. It even had salt sprinkled on the top of it. NOT GOOD, Butter Lane. NOT GOOD AT ALL!!

So, yes, I know - it's like ordering a steak in a seafood joint, right? But still....

I'm seriously on the fence with what was once considered one of my "go to" places for cupcakes. Honestly, Butter Lane DOES a pretty good cupcake -but only when they are super fresh...  if the cake has been sitting out for awhile, it gets too dry. I've had some great cupcakes and some "meh"... but the gluten free so-called cookie is "blech ick ewwwwww"!!

You know it's true: There is a lot of competition in NYC for baked items. Too many places are doing a fabulous job... Butter Lane is going to have to step up to the plate to continue to make the best of the best list.

Right now, they are good, just not the best. They aren't making friends with those who are gluten free, either. Oh yeah, and the competition for best cupcakes is now up for grabs!


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