Losing the Cupcake Battle...

Coconut Vanilla - Good but NOT "The Best"

I've been a fan of Butter Lane for awhile and have written a full review about them before... but I've got to get this out of my system.

It is so frustrating that the "gluten free" items they offer are: 1) a dusty-tasting cookie (HANDS-DOWN THE WORST I HAVE EVER HAD) or 2) an 'icing shot' - which is simply disgusting to have by itself.  It's sugary sweet and nothing more... And the texture is not something I'd recommend as as stand-alone item... But that is what they offer. Gee. Thanks.

Thoughts of Brunch...

JT loves a good brunch, too!
Brunch: it's my favorite meal of the day... of the week, actually, since you really can't do brunch during the work week if you're a 9 to 5-er, right?
I love everything about brunch about as much as I love New York City. THAT says a lot.
(Anyone who knows me understands my love affair with this so-called concrete jungle.... so to say that brunch scores high up there with my beloved city-lovin' says a whole lotta' mucho mucho!)

Anyway... My mom is coming in town soon and I've got to get reservations for some brunch places. I'm thinking Boulud Sud for Easter... but could use some help with other places.

Orange Almond Cake Recipe - Gluten Free

I admit, when I first thought of gluten-free desserts, my nose would automatically scrunch up and a look of disdain would cascade over my face right away.
That was a few years ago, and not only has a lot changed since then, but an array of dishes have been created with the gluten-free consumer in mind. Not everything has to take like dusty, old solid brick anymore. I wanted to share this delicious recipe with you, courtesy of a fellow blogger, Margaret aka: Fact Woman at The Daily Meal. Not only does it look delicious, it is scrumptious to eat! Bon appetit! ~NYCFG

A Peaceful Experience

NYC is an inexhaustible edible city we live in, as there are so many dining options at any given moment of the day to choose from.
What is most difficult, is sorting the good from the bad.
This is the primary reason why I created this blog. In fact, this marks my 100th blog post for NYC Foodie Girl! (Silent "yay!" over here...!) I like to tell you what my own experiences are with restaurants: from the food to the service. I've had a very varied plate, both literally and figuratively.
Let me tell you about my most recent experience. I'll give you a hint: it was a good one!

Not Feeling the S(e)oul

I really do love food trucks -as it provides an opportunity to sample a different food you might not otherwise have access to in your neighborhood.

Since I also monitor Twitter to see what's going on with NYC Food Trucks, I thought I'd see if there was anything around my office the other day for a bite to eat.
I found Seoul Food was about 10 blocks away and it was beautiful and sunny outside. I quickly put on my sneakers and got myself in line for some Korean food.

Online, @SeoulFoodNYC tweeted that the special phrase of the day was "Wild Wednesday" - so I approached the truck asking what that meant. I was told that it "depends on what you order." Ok, fine. Apparently in my case, I got a free order of fries. I already spent over $10 on a sweet and spicy pork Bibimbap, so nothing really felt "free" - as I think the prices are pretty high, all things considered.

Monumental at Montmartre: A Review

Cavalo Nero Tarte Renversee
After vacationing with the family in Florida for over a week, I had to get my NYC restaurant fix as soon as walking off the plane yesterday.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I read that Chef Tien Ho's new place opened up in Chelsea while I was out of town - I seriously could not possibly wait a moment longer to try the new Montmartre. While cruising the high seas and returning back to the city, I sent a note to get my son a babysitter for the same evening we returned home. I just had to make arrangements to get to Ho's new digs ASAP.


Share Your Bar Hopping Knowledge with Me

I need HELP!!
My beautiful daughter will be a "newly minted" 21 year-old next month and I want to take her somewhere fun and special for her entry into adulthood. I know that it won't be her first drink by a long shot and let me set the record very straight: I am not taking her out to see how many drinks she can sling back before officially being declared a drunk.

Looking Forward to Ho

I've been silently and anxiously awaiting the opening of one of NYC's finest: Chef Tien Ho's new restaurant, Montmartre, in Chelsea. Of course, the restaurant waited until I was away on vacation to open up....
On the flip side, at least I have a decent menu to look at online, whilst wasting away in this culinary wasteland known as Orlando, Florida. I'm also not eating empty calories at any of the local places around here because I will save them for my return to the city... Chef Ho, you've been warned. We will see you soon and as always, expect the best.

Photo Courtesy of  GrubStreet.com

Live from Florida: NYCFG!

For the next week or so, I'll be blogging from Florida. Right now, I'm in "Leisureville" - where everyone has white socks up to their knees and no one is in a hurry to go anywhere. It also means that there aren't a lot of places that offer quality food.
There are diners galore -and these places offer VALET PARKING! Why? Because all of the handicapped spaces are full... and it's a rarity to see a car WITHOUT the blue sticker. The diner is THE hit of the neighborhood around these parts.
No special coffee shops here, either.  After my second day here, I wondered if a local Starbucks could even be my sustenance for the next few days while in Delray Beach, Florida. Could I have every meal here??
I realize how spoiled I have become, as I cringe at the thought of an IHoP or Applebee's. It's not that I'm unable to eat there, but the levels of sodium and lack of flavor just insult me. It's perplexing to think that this is what Main Street America finds acceptable for their daily dining choices. There must be more!
I'm not saying that every location should serve foie gras and gluten-free veggie tofu burgers, but having variety and healthier choices make a huge difference.
I've got to go shopping at the Publix and hope they have palatable options. Stay tuned as NYCFG learns how to really lose weight: stop eating until returning to the city!

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