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Photo Courtesy of Abraco
You might be a Starbucks junkie. Perhaps you have a Nespresso machine and make your own. (I can attest to that!) Or you may even have a penchant for your local diner's cup of watered-down java. That's your own thing and I respect that.

However, I dare you to try something completely mind blowing. It's such good, good coffee. It's not normal. And that's not an adequate description for this beautiful brew.

One word to remember: Abraco.

It's in the EV, on 7th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. I'm really lucky I don't live closer, as this would be a daily -perhaps hourly- haunt. They also offer sweet and savory snacks, cookies and cakes. Flavors like "rose almond" or "lemon cornmeal" come to mind. (And just the thought begins the mild salivation...!)

Abraco brings a lot of "special" to the neighborhood. It's so small and quaint and the owners seem to know their locals like they are their best friends returning home. Even if you're a newbie or a tourist, you'll feel welcome the minute you step up to the counter- just don't expect to sit down in the shop. There's standing room only and a cozy common space just outside.

I really can't describe it. If there are certain places to put on your culinary bucket list, I'd put this in the top category for sure. Just be sure to go any day but Monday.... as they have a day of much needed rest and are closed.

Sidebar:  This is also one of the rare places in NYC where I thought I saw a sighting of Boy George a la 1980 - but this was only a few years ago. It wasn't him, but a very interesting, overly pallid replica of the original. It's a great East Village people watching locale. Go for the cappuccino, stay for the character(s).

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