LES Dining in Goat Town

My husband and I did a spur of the moment reservation for Goat Town recently. We wanted to check out something (relatively) new and go somewhere we hadn't already been. We chose this Lower East Side restaurant for several reasons and weren't disappointed with our selection.
Not Your Grandma's Eggs
Notably appealing is the ingredients they use and how they source their food. Most are local and the preparation is seemingly simple.
The Feather Ridge Farm Deviled eggs and grilled octopus came out as our appetizers. Both were tasty and in terms of the eggs, they were certainly not from Grandma's kitchen. These had a kick and a flavor in their creaminess that made them memorable. The octopus was charred the way it should be, with the black olive and greens highlighting their lemony essence.
We both opted for seafood, which was also good - but maybe not the best we've ever had. That's not a bad comment. It's an honest one. The skate I ordered was good, but the bed of cous cous was cold and the fish was topped with way too many fresh orange bits. I preferred the skate on its own.
My husband's order of mussels and fries was also agreeable, but not marvelous. They were correctly prepared but according to him, "could have had more flavor."
We both enjoyed the side dishes of kale and roasted cauliflower. They were commendable and went very well with our meal.
The wine list was a bit restrained, but workable. We each had a glass of the Grenache.
Dessert had a tad of limited choices, but the warm chocolate chip cookies were a huge hit with our 2 year old. And of course, I just had to sample them too. As a mom, I wouldn't just let my child have something that I didn't sample first! It was the very least I could do!!
The evening was topped off with some tasty Colombian coffee for the adults. Friendly, attentive service was appreciated the entire visit, as well as a nice atmosphere. It was a bit lively and had a bar scene of hipsters didn't scare us away. If anything, we gave them pause in their skinny jeans for a moment.


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