Food Truck Tip of "de Week"

Photo Courtesy of Wafels & Dinges
New York City is considered by many, a culinary mecca. The city is always constantly on the move, taking their international cuisines on the road and to a neighborhood near you. One of my personal favorites is a tribute to the Belgians: the Wafels & Dinges food truck. 

Depending on your mood, you can select a variety of savory or sweet concoctions -but by all means, try their signature topping (aka dinges), spekuloos. It's reminiscent of the traditional "windmill cookies" all crumbled up and put into a creamy, somewhat cinnamon-y spread.

If for some odd reason that's not your idea of ultimate indulgence, there is also the delectable dark Belgian chocolate to drizzle on top of a fresh, hot waffle, too.  Then, just add some strawberries, whipped cream and a side of Belgian Madness ice cream and you'll be in a content food coma for the rest of the day. 

Savories include "Chilli con Corne" and "BBQ Pulled Pork" waffles. And of course, for the combo of salty and sweet, bring on the "de Bacon and Maple Syrup wafel".

Find their locations via their website (look under "de trucks" and then, find us), or by calling toll-free:  (866) 429-7329  -answer their daily challenge at the truck, and maybe get a free something! Mention NYC Foodie Girl sent you, and they can give you a blank stare that money can't buy!

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