A Mexican Breakfast for Brunchers and Late Diners

Shredded Beef with Eggs
The nice folks at Rosa Mexicano recently invited me and other food critics to join them for a special tasting of a new menu they plan to launch nationwide: Desayuno Mexicano / The Mexican Breakfast.

Of course, it helped that they started the menu off with drinks such as smokey-flavored Mezcal Margaritas and spiked versions of Horchata!

However, the combination of eggs, sausages and tamales were really memorable and honestly has me looking forward to taking my whole family there once they officially launch the "Flavors of Mexico: 2013 Part 1" - in all seriousness. That's not the alcohol talking, I swear!

In particular, I am a big fan of the Machacado con Huevos / Shredded Beef with Eggs. This is a traditional dish that had my vote in the favorite category. It's essentially scrambled eggs served with dried shredded beef, tomatoes, onions and jalapenos mixed in -served in a skillet with tortillas on the side. The texture and the flavors really worked in unison. I liked making my own breakfast taco, too. 

Another big win at the table was the Mexico City Chilaquiles / Tortilla Scramble - which, again, is scrambled eggs, but this time, there was a secret ham steak at the bottom of dish and it was topped with the huevos and a creamy yet somewhat smokey green chile sauce. It had a delightful tangy-ness that surprised a lot of us at the table. A good surprise is always positive!

Most noteworthy, I sampled the Desayuno Tamal / Creamy Breakfast Tamal. Practically everyone at the table was enamored with this egg-based dish. This one is also served in a skillet and brought to the table, but this time, you'll find poached eggs with fried cheese and chorizo crumble - it's savory and delectable all the way around. The eggs, once you stab them with a fork, ooze out onto the cheese and mix in with the sauce -creating this concoction of delight and happiness right before your eyes. It has a homestyle-like appeal, that seems more like familiar comfort food you just want to keep eating more and more of -at least until they bring out the next plate!

Sublime Stuffed French Toast
For those with a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed: Torrejas de Miel Rellenas / Stuffed French Toast - just has everything you want/need in a breakfast dish. This cinnamon crusted brioche contains just a little Cascabel chile for a tad of warmth, and is filled with Marscapone and topped with caramelized plantains. The word ethereal comes to mind, along with sublime. This particular menu item should be illegal to bring across the border -because for Americans already concerned about their weight, this is not going to help ANYone. I, for one, am also watching my intake of calories.... but I had to sample this - you know, for the good of the food blogging nation. It was my duty AND my honor to sample this ooey-gooey goodness on a plate.

Along with other egg dishes, chorizos, and even cactus paddle as ingredients, it's really impressive that Rosa Mexicano is offering such a tantalizing new menu of breakfast items. They use locally sourced produce and products whenever possible, which in my book, is a big plus. All of the dishes can also be ordered individually and/or shared. I prefer the latter, because you can sample more and have a family-style meal. I'll also have an excuse to eat small portions and simply feel like I'm keeping the calories low. Mind control, people - it's all in the mind!!

You can also have specific breakfast beverages that were created for this new menu. There is a Chilled Horchata de Coco which is a pressed rice milk with coconut, or a Mexican Hot Chocolate as well as Aguas Frescas (Fresh Waters) to choose from -and, of course, there are alcoholic versions available for a boozy brunch bunch.

If you start your day late, it's ok, since they will offer the menu items for late night as well.  Desayuno Mexicano launches nationally on February 23rd , and is a spicy spin on morning classics available during weekend brunch or late night dinner starting at 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. I've already made my brunch reservations for this weekend... but promise NOT to check the scale until I've used all of my mind control techniques!

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