$25,000 For Talent and Adventure

Can You Spot Me Here? (At the Momofuku Milkbar Commissary)
I wish I were more talented in the kitchen. Scharrfen Berger Chocolates has a great contest going on - called the Chocolate Adventure Contest.

You could actually win $25,000 for a recipe. Wow. Now that is some serious cash.

Believe me, I wish I could cook/bake better. I'm lucky if I'm able to crack an egg open without the shell exploding into a zillion pieces!

Anyway, the link above tells you all the important details - including what NOT to do. (Like if you enter the contest, do NOT publish your recipe - it will disqualify your entry!)

So while I am not the best in the kitchen, I do know my way around the dining room table... so if they need taste testers for this contest, COUNT ME IN. Seriously, Scharffen Berger, CALL ME.

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  1. that is serious cash! might have to work on that!!


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