Service or Quality

What is more important to you? Having a high level of service or getting a fantastic meal?
Can you even compare? Is it fair to even try?
Even a so-called hole in the wall or a dive bar can have impeccable service with a spectacular meal.
But is there a distinction between the two?
A place near my apartment had friendly service but the food was sub-par. Desi-Shack is just one of those places that I'm not sure they will survive until next month.
Then there are places like Crif Dogs or even Shake Shack where people line up to be treated in a rush... But the food is legit and albeit kinda' unhealthy.
I'm confused. It's also a tad late, and I'm trying to keep my 30-day daily bit challenge going. I could use a weigh in here, though. What do you find more important -or are they equal? Does it even matter?

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