Kick Ass Kosher and Gluten Free

I know a thing or two about gluten free. My husband has Celiacs Disease (CD), so it's not an option for him to have anything with flour. CD is not an allergy. There is no magic pill or supplement he can take to make bread, cookies, pies, cakes, etc. tolerable. It is a complete lifestyle change to eat gluten free and those with CD have no choice in the matter.
So, while he lives with it every day, I don't, but I still feel as though we should both be eating the same things when we dine together as a family.
When I saw that Manischewitz made egg noodles and gluten free cakes - I was skeptical but pretty excited about it! I have a slew of gf items to try out the next few days!
We made lamb sausage with the gluten free noodles tonight and WOW! Again, I have had my share of gluten free pasta. Some good, but most not so good. Manischewitz really makes a kick-ass gluten free egg noodle. Kosher, of course, too! Even if you don't need gluten free for health or dietary reasons, give them a try!!
I'll keep you posted on the cakes and other goodies when I prepare them. I was so happy about how this dish turned out, I had to post this. :)

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