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I was really saddened to hear that Robuchon is closing. It was a special occasion restaurant for my husband and I... we spent Christmas Eve there with our daughter, had my 40th birthday there and visited on other meaningful evenings. It was something wonderful.... it will be missed. Make your reservation before the end of the month - they are set to close by the end of June.

But there are other places in this city that are also teetering on that closure list, too.

Some I wonder why -rather, HOW come some restaurants are even still around? There are places that are literally POS's... (and I am not referring to a "Point of Sale"!) There's something for everybody in this town, that's seriously an understatement.

Take D.O.B. 111 - I knew that place didn't stand a place, and guess what? CLOSED not too long after I posted a bad review. I had nothing to do with it - they were the victims of their own demise.
However, just as there are places that should be closed - there are others that I wonder why they don't have a bigger following.

Take, for example, Rouge et Blanc. This French-Vietnamese restaurant in SoHo has an amazing array of menu choices and a matching wine list. Service was terrific and the food was incredible -yet the place? Empty. There was hardly anyone there on a Saturday night. Could it be that I was there on a holiday weekend? Maybe, maybe not. One would think that there would be MORE people there, even if mostly tourists, because the reputation of the locale should speak for itself.
My husband and I are looking to go back as soon as we can. I even tweeted LIVE - which is something I rarely do. This place was worth it. I want people to know about Rouge et Blanc so that it doesn't disappear any time soon.
I mean - look at these beautiful dishes! They not only made a statement, each one was absolutely delectable....

Green Papaya with Whole Shrimp - Quite possibly, the BEST green papaya I have EVER had! Delicious!!

Tasty and incredibly tender octopus

Dessert du Jour

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