Wine: An Artful Expression

Wine is much appreciated, just like Art.
I have yet to really agree with any wine critic about their tastes in the fermented grape juice. I either like it, or I don't.
Ridiculously packed with too many people.
I was recently invited to a Wine Enthusiast event here in the city, Toast of the Town NYC. I was given a ticket that was provided by an Italian wine company that also featured prosecco.
In the world of vineyards and corkage, I know very little about the region of the world that takes credit for refining its current form (via the Romans).
Plus, I will admit: I love French wines. I know that is highly subjective. Again, think about Art.
In all honestly, I have not found too many from the U.S. that I consider tasty -and you'd think that the NY girl in me would have a penchant for local wines. Simple answer: no. I've been partial only to Honig wines from California -and it's only a select few labels that I really enjoy. I have also sampled Portuguese, Chilean, South African and Australian wines with the same level of caution - so my exposure to the Italians has also been limited in that regard.
Apart from my small view of the world of wines, I do know that I love a label that has the magical words, "Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape".... lovely words that just send me to another place where I should be sipping the nectar of the Gods on a coastline somewhere, the breeze flowing through my hair.....
Sorry. Digression. I must be getting thirsty and it's not even noon.
Ok. Back to business.
As a guest of an Italian winery and an offer of free tickets to an event, I need to be fair but also make mention that I find their invite exceptionally gracious. I really appreciated the opportunity and had a very nice time. Thank you, Zonin Wines.
The Zonin prosecco was certainly acceptable -as it started off the evening on the right note... it made enjoying Hudson Valley seared foie gras just perfect and the Murray cheeses (shout out to the Camembert) was also notable.
There was plenty of "people watching" for my entertainment. Including an old lady LITERALLY dipping finger into a cheese log in front of me to sample not just once, but twice -by double dipping for a SECOND TIME, to see if it was acceptable and finger-lickin' good! People can be disgusting in large groups. Note to everyone: USE CAUTION when sampling ANYTHING that is open to the public. This venue had WAAAAY too many people crowded in the Hammerstein Ballroom, so of course there's a few crazies (if not a lot, because it IS New York, after all.).
As one can imagine, seats/tables were also difficult to come by and once you had a seat, you kept it. Forever. I think that old lady is still sitting there. Waiting for another cheese log to be graced with her crusty old finger.
Maybe that's expressionism. Upon further reflection, perhaps it could very well be that the old woman thought cheese, like wine, is also like Art.... Sculpture, anyone?


  1. Hilarious post. I’m glad you finally got exposed to the Italian wines. I do agree that unless you are an experienced wine critic, wine appreciation can be very subjective.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I was appreciative of having the opportunity to go outside my French wine comfort zone, but I can't say that I left the event any more intelligent on the subject.
    Maybe I need to just keep sampling more?? :)


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