My Random Diner and Tipping Rant

Truth hurts.

So do stomach aches and other gastrointestinal ailments.
If a restaurant does poorly, I am more likely to write about that instead of the place where the service and food were perfect. Why? Because the restaurant that does it well, already has their shit together. The restaurant that screws up left and right needs to KNOW that they need to get their heads OUT of their proverbial asses if they plan on surviving the NYC market.

A hole-in-the-wall can do GREAT in the city if they have a solid menu and decent service.It's really over the top special when you don't need to take an anti-diarrhea medication within the next 48 hours, too.

I don't always need white table cloths, but I will always require friendly service, even if the kitchen is off their game or everything else is miserable. 

But back to the absolute truth:
A waiter will make or break the dining experience. If the waiter is a bitch (male or female!) it will deter me -or anyone else, from going back. I can practically guarantee a negative recommendation to everyone I know... including an announcement to a horde of Twitter followers, a bad Yelp review as well as an honest, albeit nasty blog post right here, to boot.

I don't like to do it, but let's face it: I will. And back to the TRUTH: I have to.
People should not have to put up with bad service when there is pay involved. Especially where a tip is EXPECTED no matter what the circumstance. TIPS are earned, not a given.

I don't need or require butt kissing in any fashion. Just be decent and courteous. Don't be annoyed if I ask about the ingredients or ignore me for 30 minutes when I need to pay the check right away and leave. Don't serve my iced drink with your hands on the glass near the area I will drink from -or rather, keep your FINGERS out of my beverages and the food I plan on consuming. Thanks. Much appreciated.

I think my husband and I are quite generous tippers. Even when service has been poor, I feel this obligation to still give a tip that is covering a minimum of 15%... that's when it's mediocre or even bad... what's wrong with me? What kind of dining culture is it that has been established here in the city? Why do I need to feel bad for ANY waiter, much less a horrible one? 

I'm not sure... but I guess it is because I am just grateful that I don't have to do dishes that night, or something. Hard to say.

I would be interested in what YOU might have to say on this subject. Tipping is tough... but a part of our American dining culture... Have you ever skipped out on a tip or done something memorable to make the waiter KNOW you were dissatisfied? Let me know... There could be a book posted on this stuff, I'm sure!

(P.S. I'm reading Waiter Rant right now, so I have some opinions of my own that have sparked me to write this post.)

  Diners, Drive-ins and ...$19.98 Chefs Catalog
One can always better appreciate one's own grass when you get a chance to play in someone else's lawn, so to speak.
This week, I am traveling on business. I am in Minneapolis, MN.... yes, a far cry from my beloved city. It is brutal. I am not kidding.
I've dined at places that, for the most part, don't understand that salt should be used in moderation. It is my own fault that while at a baseball game I had two $1 hotdogs. (Yes, this was necessary as I was taking advantage of seeing the Twins while in town... because as a NY Mets fan, I can feel exceptionally proud that we are doing better than the Twin Cities!)
But that's where I've been.
When I can, I want to blog about so much! I attended Corkbuzz event with Chef Tien Ho at the helm, been to Recette and a wine tasting event courtesy of Zonin USA. Good stuff -and so little time.
I hope all of you are having much better culinary experiences than I am. I miss NY and all I want is a choinkwich from Big Gay Ice Cream - because I haven't had the pleasure YET.... (ALWAYS sold out!)!

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