If You're in the Restaurant Game, GET THIS CONCEPT!

So often, I go out to a restaurant, have a terrific first time experience and then, when I return, it's a complete one-eighty.

Since I don't like to cook -and when I do venture to get creative in the kitchen every 5 to 10 years, it's just not a positive use of my time. This is why I appreciate it so much when it's done correctly and why I love restaurants.

But more importantly, I find that CONSISTENCY is more important in a restaurant kitchen more than any one ingredient. WHY does this seem to be such a hard concept for so many restaurants?

My mom has always made great Carolina style BBQ. Why? Because she does it practically the same way, each time. I know what I get when I'm at Mom's. It's ALWAYS the same deliciousness.

People who go to chain restaurants go there because they can get the same food that they expect. They can also probably count on a good dose of Mylanta or a case of diarrhea, too -but maybe that's ok for them, just not for me.

So without further a doo-doo, here's a short list of places that I just wish could get it down -and quit making life so difficult for the people that come back for more (of the SAME):
  -I love Riverpark -but it's hot and cold there. 3 out of 5 times, I have a very good meal. But why can't they keep their menu consistent for ALL of those visits?
  -A Voce Columbus versus A Voce Madison - same chef and similar menus but the Madison Ave. location should just be shut down and put out of its misery. (Without Missy Robbins in the kitchen, maybe this is why it is just low-rate coming out the kitchen there, but it's also well below serving standards and I'll not be caught dining there. Ever. Again. Not gonna' happen.)
  -Bar Boulud - it's also hot and cold. Whereas Boulud Sud is a lot more reliable. Same restaurant group, TOTALLY different kitchens and service.

So who gets it right?

Red Cat has been a constant pleasure with each visit. The food and its menu is solid -so the kitchen just works like magical elves or something -because this is well over a 2 year period that I've frequented that particular restaurant. I've just never been disappointed.
Locanda Verde is also in that category of happiness. They get it.
There is constantly a line here. Hmmm... wonder why?
El Parador, Lupa, and I'm going to put it out there and let the hate mail begin: Shake Shack. Yes. They get the consistency concept just like other places ought to. It really can't be that difficult.

People go to the same salon, butcher, bakery, et al for a reason. You drink Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and go to Starbucks for that same purpose.

Final thought:
Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness.

Just don't judge me on the amount of blog postings I do on a not-so-regular basis. I don't serve food, and apparently, not the public at large, either. ;)

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