Fl!p Flops Have Never Been My Style

Ok - so it was disappointing - another place that just didn't make it. Maybe this blog isn't about where TO go, but rather what TO AVOID while you're out and have a need to eat something.
It seems to be the trend on my blog, anyway.
Alright, so let me get to it:
Out shopping recently. Got hungry. Oh! The department store has a little restaurant that actually touts a NY Times review as you walk in. Supposedly, at some point in time, this place was worthy of a stop-through review. Who would have thought that anyone would take a small restaurant within Bloomie's as a good place to get a pricey burger?
More emphasis on that price, later.
Here I was at Bloomingdales... Flip Burger.
I walked in and the Cooking Channel with Julia Child was on the screen. Some cocky guy behind the counter acted all-knowledgeable about food and how it should be done... and how Julia Child should not be regarded as one of the great chefs... blah, blah, blah. He was irritating. Even better, was how he tried to explain to me about real chefs versus celebrity chefs... Whatever, dude. Get a real job and keep your butthole opinions to yourself.
Meanwhile, I perused the way-too-many-choices-of-a-menu and got frustrated. I decided that I would get a pre-constructed burger, rather than try to build my own. There was too little time to go through the ten or so choices of meats, plus types of cheese, plus mix-ins or whatever they called it.
I don't like an over-complicated menu. I'm not amused, impressed or wowed by them.
Movin' on....
I ordered the greek style Zorburger. It was supposed to be served with a side of Greek salad. Been to Greece. Been to great Greek restaurants in the city. THAT, dear friends, was not worthy of its namesake.
Note to readers: I ABHOR iceberg lettuce in all its forms. Nasty light green, crunch water. Forget it.
Oh -and that stuffed grape leaf? Almost made me instantaneously vomit. It was slimy and mushy. Just writing about it makes me gag. 
The burger was served with what I think was supposed to be ground lamb -but it was so dry, one could mistake it for sawdust. Easily.
It also had black olive tapenade as well as feta cheese. It was like sodium on top of sodium. And the so-called Greek salad had the feta cheese, too. So..... why?
And I cannot forget the bun. The HUGE onion-herbed brioche bun was the size of Giants Stadium. And it, too, was about the right dryness for sawdust material, too.
Just gross.
That, with a soft drink cost me over $20 - with tip, $25.
For the love of God people, avoid this place.
Go outside the doors of Bloomingdales and find a feast elsewhere.
This Flip has FLOPPED big time.
Midtown Lunch didn't care for them either. I think they even described the signage as "douchy".

The Best Gelato You've Probably Never Had

I must be one of the worst bloggers out there. I know I should post more. I know I need to write.
Where's the time?
I mean, it's not like I don't eat... and it's not because I haven't been lucky enough to dine out often.
As I've mentioned before, I probably go out to dinner way too much! And to be just plain honest with everyone, I haven't been home long enough to do much, much less write about my experiences. [commence pity party now and I'll kill you.]
Seriously though, I've been traveling to family and on business... far, far from NYC (the shame, I know!).
And make no mistake: Once you go outside this great city, it can be very difficult to find places that meet some very high culinary expectations.
For example, people just told me soooo much about Barcelona, Spain and its tapas, tapas, tapas! I was so excited!! Couldn't WAIT to get there. In the end, I spent almost 2 weeks in that town and didn't have that food fest that so many promised me that we'd have. It was a big let down. #epicFAIL
So yea, I knoooooow.... It was Europe, so it was far from home and very interesting -but not the exotic exploits that a foodie really wants. I just set my expectations too high, I think. (sigh)
So now that I'm back in the city (woo hoo!), I thought that I should at least write about something that I really, really love:
Mia Gelateria - On 27th & 3rd Ave
Yes, in many places we can get that here in NY -but one place, it has my vote: Mia Chef Gelateria. For the LOVE OF GOD this place is good. I enjoy their coffee, too. I am not even a big drinker of the java... but I like me some there! (Yes, I know this is grammatically incorrect. I don't care. I'm making a point.)
So Mia Chef has truly inventive flavors and you can sample each one before committing. You can try the likes of Figs and Tequila, Chocolate Whiskey Truffles, Mojito Sorbet and Belgian Chocolate (one of my faves -it has CHUNKS of the good chocolate enveloped in its mix). The servings are more than generous and the people that serve are consistently friendly. Oh yes, and they change their flavors a lot -so don't bank on one of the aforementioned to be there, per se. There are also many more than I mentioned as well.
I like this place so much that my husband and I just signed up for a class to learn how to MAKE the gelato ourselves. Yes, they have classes every weeknight and weekends. It's called the Mia Academy on their website. This is "get-a-babysitter-for-the-night-worthy".
Oh, and I'd be remiss if I forgot to mention their Hungarian pastry. It's just flaky albeit unpronounceable... it's simply delish. I like the chocolate, but don't take my word for it - try it yourself. With some of their very good coffee or a cappuccino. Really. Good stuff.
On their website, they mention, "Our menu, consisting of a varied selection of traditional and modern tastes, is prepared in house every morning by our resident chef. We bake our own pastries and we serve the finest drinks from our espresso bar.With over a thousand different recipes created to perfect the artistry in the centuries-old tradition of making gelato, we provide elaborate and modern flavors that allow our customers to take comfort in the traditional and find excitement in the unexpected. Our spaces were designed by Sheer Concepts taking inspiration from the rustic town of Orvieto, Italy to give it a warm and elegant vibe. Our company promotes sustainability by using green products and biodegradable cups."
So there. Spectacular ice cream, divine cuppa joe and they are environmentally friendly to boot. File this under #yummy.
Mia Chef Gelateria on 27th and 3rd, Manhattan

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