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I've come across some really interesting places in the city -not just because I see them here online and think, "Hey! I'd like to try that, too" -but because I've been out just wandering the streets without a specific destination. Those, by far, always brought the best surprises -at least for me.

When you have an agenda, or when people say, "You've GOT to try this place because..." it loses its appeal -just a little. I'm a firm believer that everyone should have their own opinions and experiences.

This blog is only based on my own feelings about places I've been -and yours will probably vary and differ completely (because it should!). That is the way things always go! It doesn't matter if you visit the same location -even going to Disney- you'll still have a different experience and memory -no matter what the situation.

With that in mind, I'll tell you that I visited a new place today... I DID have an agenda to go there to try it out because I heard about it on Twitter. I DO pay attention to what others say and take note. In this instance, I thought it was more of a dessert place, but found out it served shaved ice in a Chinese take-out box.
Now, it's probably my fault for not investigating more about this new place -but really, I just felt as though I should try something new and it's a business that has just opened up... so why not?! Supporting the local economy is good!! (Please, I encourage you all to do so!!)

Well support aside, I should mention.....for starters, I'm not a fan of shaved ice. Would it be fair for me to say the place was terrible? No.

I could see that there were quite a few visitors in the place. The woman greeted repeat customers -and they've only been open for a few days at best.

But it was shaved ice. Not really dimensional in flavor -and of course, what I ordered was waaaaay too sweet and just not "my thing" at all.

It could as just as well been frozen peas on a stick. I don't like those either!!! (Peas - food of the demons! I get slightly ill at the mere thought of them. Blech!!)

popbar nyc
So okay.... I'll be honest: If I want something in the same neighborhood, that's more NYC Foodie Girl style, I like to give props to popbar. It's gelato on a stick. It's been awhile since I've visited, but I do like the concept (um, ICE CREAM ON A STICK - what's not to like?!) and most of all, the taste. You can get one exactly they way you want it, to order, too.

I mean, you can get the shaved ice anyway you'd like, too, but just be sure you like it! (And, um... again, sorry, me no likey the shaved ice!)

And just FYI: I decided not to mention the other new business that I visited with the shaved ice by name, because I'd like them to be successful and no one needs a tiny blogger posting something that is less than stellar -not that it would matter much -but to me, it DOES make a difference. I'll play nice, with shaved ice. I just don't want to eat any. Thanks! ;)


  1. You should definitely visit Taiwan for some GREAT shaved ice - I guarantee you'll love it!

  2. Taiwan is a long way to go for shaved ice! I was told I'd like it in Hawaii, too. (And I even lived there, on the North Shore... didn't love it.) :(
    Maybe other, much better things to try in Taiwan would be worth the trip. :)

  3. Just an update: That shaved ice place that I spoke of? CLOSED already. Big surprise. (Nope. Not at all.)


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