Pure Food and Sunshine

I feel really good about myself after going to Pure Food and Wine. It's like I can order anything on the menu and know that I've made a good choice. How many other restaurants are like that? (Seriously, I'd like to hear about it, if you have a comment to share)
Oh! I know one... Peacefood Cafe is also a similar experience... but there has to be more!!
Sorry. Digression....
I like places that I can go to and experiment... while still feeling healthy... and I can bring along the baby without feeling parental guilt for doing so... (read on for the explanation).
So, I recently learned that Pure Food and Wine is doing brunch. I've been there twice since learning that and plan another dining out again very soon.
Even better -at least for me and my husband- is that we've seen people in there with strollers. Yes, I know... babies in public places make some people cringe! It's ok, I do to - and I have a little one, myself. I just happen to know that my baby is not one to cry or fuss in public -so it's ok to bring him as long as our baby gear does not obstruct the flow of the restaurant and his very being doesn't disturb other diners.
So far, so good.
And, for the days that we're on the go, One Lucky Duck is perfect for a takeaway smoothie and -OMG! Have you tried a Malomar from this place? LOVE those!
Although not all the desserts are yummy... the orreos (yes, I know, there are two "r's" in that!) - they are a bit on the dry and boring side... and the pudding is not exactly write-home-about-material.
But again, the malomar... try it! It's so yummy!
And, it's the kind of quirky little place that when you go there, you just want to sit and watch the traffic go in and out of there. The people that work there - I have YET to see the same person behind the counter and I've been there pretty consistently as it is. But it's interesting to see the variance of clientele.... (It's worthy of an iPhone shot... I should do that next time I go and post here. You be the judge!)
Either way -if you go to Pure Food or to One Lucky Duck.... it's sure to put some sunshine in your life. Although the prices might be a bit heavy on one's wallet... you may have to reach for your rainy day savings if needed. Worth it.

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