Annoyances: A Sound-Off

It seems to be a trend: parents in public places not knowing how to properly discipline their children while dining and thinking that going out is an excuse for an episode of "Kids Gone Wild" at a table near you. UGH. I hate those parents.

And through Twitter, I had people respond to my previous blog posting about just this issue, too. (BTW, are you following me? @NYCfoodieblog) I can't believe there hasn't been some sort of public uprising about this very bad parenting problem. I know Dr. Phil needs more material....

Anyway, I thought I'd do some more sharing....although it's not all about food, I thought I'd discuss some other general annoyances with you. So... here we go....

Ten Random Things That Annoy Me (on any given day, not in order of preference - and by no means is this a definitive list....):

1. Buffets. Two words: Sneeze Guard. I don't want to eat at a restaurant that has an all-you-can-gorge kind of atmosphere - ever - much less, just the fact that someone INVENTED something called Sneeze Guard is enough to make me vomit just a little when I think about it.

2. Mosquitos flying around my room when it is late at night -you don't know where they are but you can hear them buzzing by your ears! (I had the book, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears as a young girl... it annoyed me then, too.)

3. Anything song that features Mariah Carey... I pray for the day that her vocal chords just come to a complete stop.

4. Pompous people with too much money -it's one thing to be rich. It's another to be an ass about it.

5. Powdered cheese. (WHY?! We're not astronauts that need to eat freeze-dried food. I also don't need cheese that is artificially colored with Red #32. Just curious - what's wrong with FRESH and/or natural cheese?)

6. Seamonkeys. Not from the sea when you hatch them in your aquarium at home. Not monkeys.

7. Hangnails. Ouch.

8. Lines to get in (restaurants, theme parks, banks, theatres, etc.)... just because the English refer to them as "queues" does not make it any more charming to be standing around waiting for your turn. I'm just not a patient person. That's why some theme parks with the Fast Pass or VIP pass system really get my money right up front... I'm paying to cut in line. No waiting and getting a sunburn.

9. Children without proper supervision (or the ones who cry incessantly while others are trying to eat, or while at the movies - just children in general with parents who act like they are living in oblivion). I already talked about this, but feel free to vent or post comments about what to do with the offending parents at will. For example, I propose that we bring back public flogging for bad parenting.

10. Stale crackers or cookies. If I am in the mood for some Chicken in a Biscuit and the LAST person didn't close the package the proper, seal-tight way.... ARGH! I've tried to ignore a stale cracker and tell myself that it was just fine.... but I knew that wasn't right. Nothing's worse than a stale Chicken in a Biscuit.

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