If You Crave a Dessert, This Place Hits the SPOT

Spot Dessert Bar - 13 St. Marks
I'll be the first to comment how location is everything - but really - in spite of being on St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd, this place is 'spot on' in terms of everything else.

You'll won't find it by looking for it at street level... you have to take the steps down to the little locale and you'll walk into a very cool, trendy Asian-infused dessert bar called Spot. I loved the interior right away. I was happier just to know that I wouldn't be staring out the window at tourists gawking at socks and fedora Britney Spears hats available by the various vendors that ARE St. Marks. This place just seemed special with the first walk-in the door.

We were greeted with the familiar East Village quirky-friendliness -that is always a welcome treat. (It's part of the reason I'm so inclined to go there for foodie adventures before other locations, I just really LIKE the EV - but couldn't live there sort of thing.) A few more steps inside and we're seated where we have full view of the dessert counter and the pastry chef is busy creating some angelic alchemy that I can't wait to sample.

Kabocha - a Japanese Pumpkin
For brevity's sake, I ordered a few things to go. (Hey! I can't help that I just stopped in for a moment during my lunch hour! No time to dawdle.) My initial order included a concoction that included a whoopie pie made with kabocha (a Japanese pumpkin/squash) -not to be confused with kambucha (a fermented drink) and a ginger kabocha cookie. We topped it off with an iced Ovaltine and a spiced hot chocolate.

The menu has so many unique options, I really want to go back as quickly as possible. They have cupcakes that include flavors like Vanilla Yuzu Lemon and Chocolate Green Tea Fruit Jam. The gelato menu is also intriguing with Vietnamese Coffee with a topping of caramelized Rice Krispies. But their seasonal tapas is, by far, the most tantalizing: White Miso Semifreddo, Satay Peanut Crema and the Ovaltine Malt Roll. (*Commence drooling now.*)

You can also bring your friends and go in as a group to order a dessert sampling with your friends for a very reasonable price. It reminds me of a not-as-fancy ChikaLicious Dessert Bar on E. 10th Street, but with a bigger cool factor PLUS a brunch menu... Which, since it is now the beginning of the week when I write this, it is so sadly far away -but genuinely gives me something to look forward to this coming weekend!

I'd recommend getting there at off-peak times since I also noted that they accept NYU Campus Cash at the register. What does that say to you? College kids eat very well at their parents' expense.... and I wish I had THAT card-carrying advantage myself.

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