Surprises, Starvation and Salivation: Where's the Salvation?

Terrible me... but seriously, without making up excuses, I really DO have a good excuse!

I learned recently... (ok, maybe not terribly recently... but not too long ago, ok?) that I am expecting a baby. At my age, a mere almost 40 year-old woman, was going to have another baby. That's terrific news, right?

Yes and no.

As I've previously mentioned, I do enjoy very good food. I enjoy it a lot. Maybe more than some, since I don't like to cook and appreciate those who can -even more so when they do it WELL.

So who cares if I'm pregnant? Big deal, right? I know, I know... I'm thinking no BFD too. But wait. The first trimester of hell kept me away from anything green, spicy or flavorful. I lived in the World of Bland. Everything I ate was booooooring. Beyond boring.

I was held captive to plain pasta and tomato sauce for months. Anything else -to include the odor of passing by garbage trucks would send my stomach messages of hurling fury.

Very, very, very uncool my friends! To starve is one thing... and I'm not good with not eating for longs periods of time. I don't know too many of us homosapiens that are.

Anyway... fast-forward, I am beyond the nauseating life that kept me hostage in my own body... but I'm still not a big greenie fan... nor can I eat anything too spicy without the help of my newly found friend: Zantac 75. (TUMS do not work. It's all a lie for preggy women. Trust me, even my doctor knew that he was fibbin' it when he said to take TUMS in the first trimester. Psychosomatic, my peeps! All in the head!)

But now what? What CAN I write about? How I suddenly have bursts and cravings of must-have foods?

This is not a mommy blog about what to eat when you're expecting... but a blog about some great places in NYC for some fantastic culinary treats. I hope what I write about will tempt you try out some really great noshes and nummy nourishment.

My little favorite NYC foodie secret of all time is 7th Street between 1st and Avenue A. Pretty much every restaurant there is worthy of a blog mention. The Luke's Lobster's luscious lobster roll, awesome arepas at Caracas and Porchetta's plump pork sandwiches -not to mention the smoothies at Xoom are favorites... and quite frankly, have me salivating up a storm right now.

So my pregnancy was a surprise (and yes, my husband and I are quite frankly THRILLED - so it's good news).... but my esculent, venturesome self has not returned fully yet. That's not so wonderful. But I'm getting there. Slowly. So wait for it... I promise to give some more tips on where to find food in this fantastic playground I call Manhattan. Just as long as it isn't too fishy, spicy or loaded with carcinogens.... I'm back baby!

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