Top 3 Tastes to Try Before You Die

So if you want to be a little adventurous in your dining experiences, you should try something different on the menu once in awhile. Go for something that might be a little avant garde -especially if you're a regular at Olive Garden (which, I hope you're not!).

The following 3 suggestions are just the top three that I picked from my small brain and limited memory capacity. Maybe you might have something to add that I can try out, too.... that's why you can post a comment. I'm game, are you?

Ok. Here we go:

Tripe - I know some of you cringe at the mere thought. So's stomach lining, but if it's prepared right, it can be really good. Most Momofuku restaurants (of the David Chang Empire) do amazing things with tripe. However, Locanda Verde has the market share on incredible tripe goodness:
Tripe alla Parmigiana with a fried organic egg. Try it. Don't fear the tripe. Embrace it.

Foie Gras - Ok, I know. There are haters out there. There are those who say it is unethical. And I AGREE -to an extent. If the geese are force-fed, that's one thing and it is bad. However, if it is a natural liver that's unaltered, then it's no different than eating the chicken or the egg. Daniel Boulud's creations with the FG is of the ooh la la type.

Uni (aka Sea Urchin) - Not for everyone. But at least give it a try before you say you hate it. Sample it in real Japanese style if you're feeling up to something really "uni-que": Sakagura's Onsen Tamago is a good bet. It is a soft boiled egg topped with sea urchin and salmon roe in cold soup.


  1. I love your post about adventerous eating! In the Texas panhandle, we love to eat calf fries and sweetbreads. The calf fries are of course the testicles of a calf and the sweetbreads are the thymus gland of the calf. Each are removed from thier outer membrane, cut into small pieces, breaded and fried. Usually eaten with a side of spicy cocktail sauce. If you haven't tried either of them, I think you would be pleasantl surprised by the flavor!

  2. I have had sweetbreads in various preparations -but have yet to eat "calf fries"... that may be WAY adventurous and might include a mojito or two, just to muster up the courage! Thanks for the suggestion!


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