Save Your Sacred Money and Avoid This Vegan Disaster!

I am a big fan of eating healthy, so when my good friend suggested that we go to Sacred Chow, I was all for it!

My friend, Rebecca, is not only a vegetarian, but she also has a strict kosher diet. A place like Sacred Chow is perfect for her -and she's been on many occasions.

However, the night I went with her, it was anything BUT a good night at this locale.

To start off, when we entered the establishment, we were seated at THE smallest table in the restaurant -in spite of other openings - AND a request for a better space, we were denied. We sat close to the door -and it wasn't a warm breeze coming in, either.

The coldness of the waitress superseded any of the environmental conditions outdoors, however. She continued to be miserable. We had to wait for water, napkins and any culinary basics. By the time we ordered, we had already been seated at the minuscule mini-shoebox for a table for well over 20 minutes.

The waitress was annoyed that I asked questions about some of the dishes and didn't even look at my friend, Rebecca while she ordered her typical fare. Again, Rebecca had been there before and LIKED going to Sacred Chow.

Until THIS evening.

We received our dishes ice cold and with NO seasoning what-so-EVER.

I've had vegan food - and it can be scrumptious. I don't even KNOW what this place attempted to call food - but edible, it was not.

Another friend of mine recently commented that "Sacred Chow is not fit for human consumption..." and I ignored her warning - thinking she was there on an "off" night. (Every restaurant has 'em!) But no.... no, she was spot-on. This was a terrible meal. Terrible space. HORRIFIC service.

I would NOT recommend Sacred Chow to ANYONE in the NY area - or to tourists looking for a vegan experience. I wouldn't even want your DOG to have any of the leftovers there - they might have gastrointestinal distress that is way beyond comprehension.

Bad meal. Bad bad bad. Sacred Chow is not worth the sacrifice. There's not a star in the universe that would twinkle for this nightmare.

Save yourself for real, good, vegan cuisine. Try Peacefood Cafe - I'll write about this gem in an coming blog soon....!


  1. Even if the meal was as bad as you say, you sound like a very destructive, vindictive person. Why go out of your way to be so hurtful? That's what you should be thinking about. I personally have never been to Sacred Chow, nor even heard of the place, but if i don't like something, I leave it at that and walk away. I don't purposely use my good, valuable time, as you have here, to hurt others. You sound horrible! I'll stop wasting my time right now, and never read your blog again.

  2. I kind of have to agree with the first comment. I see in all of 2009, you have blogged 11 times, 11 times out of 365 days, and out of those 11 times you take the time to write such a mean-spirited piece. Please get a life! You tell us that your kosher-vegan friend ate at this place on many occasions, AND LIKED IT! You tell us that this place was perfect for her, UNTIL SHE ATE THERE WITH YOU! HELLO! There's more here than meets the eye. Something is up for sure. Okay the meal, the space, the waitress sucked, but out of only 11 times blogging in all of 2009 you find the time to be so hateful. Yo lady, give this place a break! More apropos for the descriptives you have used in your rant above: disaster, nightmare, horrific, gastrointestinal distress, is probably spending an evening with you. You sound so much more miserable than the food.

  3. HELLO???! You two commenters didn't even READ my other postings, OBVIOUSLY! There are **plenty** of good reviews - Convivio, Daniel, Momofuku, Caracas Arepa Bar, etc etc.... Voges chocolates - which is not even a restaurant gets HIGH scores here on my blog.

    And I offered a GREAT alternative to someone who IS vegan, looking for a good dining experience on this posting (Peacefood Cafe).

    What gives?

    It seems to me that your comments could possibly have some sort of inside reason for trying to be mean and spiteful in their comments here back to me.

    And that's OK.

    This is a personal blog and I will write about what *I* think is good or bad. Sorry if you don't like it. Don't read it! Easy!

    Happy dining!

  4. It's funny how self-appointed "Foodies" come up with these hurtful reviews. While I agree, it was probably a bad night at this place, going all out to destroy a business that employs people, pays taxes, contributes to the economy in these RECESSION times is ludicrous and, to use your language, "cold-hearted". From behind a desk, it's easy to DESTROY a little "Mom 'n Pop" business that takes so much time, money, effort and persistence to build. GET A LIFE FOODIE - YOU SOUND SO HIPSTERISH!

  5. LOL - and you, dear commenter, sound like you obviously work at Sacred Chow, therefore, your comments are biased. My blog reviews are written - based on experience. *MY* experince. Sacred Chow was a TERRIBLE place to eat and even WORSE, the service was DEPLORABLE.
    Destroy a business? Me? Based on ONE blog posting?! Thanks for the complement... Puh-leeeez! It's a shame that the cooks at Sacred Chow are serving poor food and RIPPING OFF people in these HARD ECONOMIC times! SHAME on them! They should pay a "bad food tax" as well as offer a big dose of Mylanta to every POOR soul who walks through their doors.... (or at least give them a sickness bag).
    And thank you for your advice. I do have quite the lifestyle. One that enjoys fresh food that is well prepared -and in a clean environment with exquisite service. I stand by my original view of Sacred Chow: NOT worth the sacrifice.

  6. Why are you getting so many comments about your review of Sacred CRAP! This place deserves to be put out of it's misery! This restaurant serves exactly the type of garbage that makes a vegan become a carnivore! Of course, this is after you've spent three days on the toilet. Don't get me started but as far as the wait staff is concerned, Susie from Curb Your Enthusiasm is nicer to Larry David then these people are to paying customers.
    What I find hilarious is that this place actually has any repeat customers, what is wrong with you people, are you just feeling guilty for this dump or are you family members still trying to convince the restaurant that it's good "the best". It's time to get realistic folks.
    In all fairness, I feel that the people responding to your blog should identify themselves as a means to qualify there credentials, although they'd probably just embarrass themselves even more than this dive does for it's self.
    As for me, I eat out on average 12-15 meals a week, eating extensively at expensive restaurants as well as many local inexpensive joints where an up and coming chef is cutting their teeth. I'm in my 40's and have traveled extensively for the sole purpose to experience a cuisine or a chef first hand. I get it, we all want to support our friends or our what we think is a hip cool spot, but this isn't it!
    Here's my suggestion, first, fire the entire FOH and hire happier and much more enthusiastic people. Second reduce the size of the menu by 80% and focus on the dishes that work! Get ride of the rest, there not helping this restaurant and are just causing negative reviews. Lastly, and most importantly, go out to eat, try other restaurants, get inspired by what a successful restaurant does. Don't steal their menu but GET INSPIRED!!!! This is your profession take pride in it.
    As for the haters (or family members) out there trying to defend this place, perhaps you should be the ones taking the owner or Chef out to eat around town. See for yourself all that NYC has to offer and stop giving this place false hope.
    NYC Foodie Girl, you go get em! Go ahead and call a restaurant out, I pay good money and don't appreciate getting ripped off or just let down! No matter where I go, or at what price point it is, I want an experience that I should expect. Perhaps I have a higher expectation than most but that's my right and I have no problem expressing it either!
    Thanks for the heads up about Peace Food, I look forward to trying it this weekend.

  7. I am a huge fan of Sacred Chow and this is the first time I've ever heard a bad word said about the place. You mention that the food was cold, but not what you ordered and/or why you didn't like it.

    It's possible that the place just isn't for you, but I have to say I've always left impressed.

  8. I appreciate the fact that it could have been an off night -and you know, it's been so long since I've been there, I don't remember what I even ordered -only that it was very bad for me and my intestines.
    And it's not because I am not accustomed to the diet - I enjoy other vegan delights -but this place just did NOT do it for me.
    And you're right, it's possible this place just isn't for me. And I don't think it was the right place for the waitress at the time, either. ;)


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