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Critical opinions of this blog are just that: opinions. I don't expect everyone or ANYone to agree with everything I write. That would be unrealistic and quite boring, to be honest.

I am genuinely happy that there are people who are paying attention to what I write about in the first place! Woo hoo! Another visitor to my little blogosphere! (Glad to have you stop by!!)

However, please note that I am merely a writer, who is having a great time scribing about some places that I've dined at recently. Most of the time, they are really very good experiences - other times, well, no so much.

All in all, I attempt to give a synopsis that is honest and true - whether it was a good or bad event at that particular dining spot.

You'll see that I focus on Manhattan and have been, admittedly, waaaay too often to the East Village to sample the culinary delights that seem to exude from this section of the city. That's probably why I don't write more - because I'm frequenting a lot of the restaurants in that area....

But enough! I have made it a point to sample new places more frequently so that I can stay current with my blogging. It's not easy to always write about going out to dinner when I do so 4 to 5 times a week, but I'll try to do better!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that in spite of some of the recent, negative opinions about my writing, I still have the freedom to continue to describe my own thoughts and criticisms.... that is what BLOGGING is all about. Frank Bruni wrote about his foodie experiences all of the time and got paid for it! Lucky guy! Me? No, no payment here - but just a way of sharing Gotham's grub scene with anyone who cares to read. -I welcome your thoughts and your OWN opinions, too.... and I will respond - even to those of you who think you're being clever about your quips and being asocial by remaining anonymous.... NO PROBLEM!

I also have no problem voicing my evaluations of various locales.... nor do I have any issue with people saying that I'm wrong about my assessment.... We all have our own prerogatives.

My main point of having this blog is to have a sharing space --because I love to write almost as much as I enjoy food!

If you have any suggestions for me to visit on my restaurant race around the city, let me know. (It's not a race, I just said that because it is alliteration....!) I need to find some unexplored gems! Do you know where I can find any in Manhattan? Let me know - and follow me on Twitter: @NYCfoodieblog

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