So Many Places, So Little Time... and Money

In NYC, the money spent on food can be outrageous. I'm not talking about just a little expensive... I'm talking about meals that cost almost as much as someone's rent on their apartment in south Jersey.

I indulge in a more expensive meal once in awhile (Momofuku Ko....) -but I'm also a little conservative, too.

You have to be in this economy, right? I mean, I can only sell so many of my personal belongings on eBay to keep eating at Restaurant Daniel.... but I'll be damned if you find me at Micky D's anytime soon...

Food and wine hold great reverence in my life. I respect food and love it when a chef does it right. I actually get angry when a simple dish is slaughtered and I'm paying WAY too much for mediocrity.

But it's just so satisfying when I get a burst of flavor that is easy on the wallet.

I think this is why I am a fan of places in the East Village or the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There's something about Caracas Arepa Bar and Mercadito Cantina. You can eat VERY well and have fresh ingredients -but not have to take out a second mortgage to pay the check.

The past couple of months, I have been to a plethora of locations in NYC, but have not been able to actively share my culinary delights due to a hectic schedule in my personal life. I will make a better attempt at sharing here on this blog - as long as I know someone's listening!

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I hope we can learn about some of the best places to enjoy in this great city -and which places we should avoid all together. If you've been to a place not worth the dollar for the service and food you've been given - let me know. We'll out them right here.

If you've had an amazing foodie experience, share that too!

All in all, this is our space to make sure we stay away from the roach coaches and get some fine eats for all those hard-earned greenbacks.

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