Vosges Haut Chocolat - Very Cool & Stylish

I blame my boyfriend for turning me on to these exotic truffles from Vosges. From the moment I opened the dark purple box (plus points for the color scheme!) and found a mixture of interesting chocolate yumminess, my attitude toward anything containing cacao has dramatically changed.

First, the chocolate combinations at Vosges is beyond your regular fare of champagne truffles and common selections of dark, white or milk varieties. Not to say that they do not have them, but it much better than the standard garden varieties found in most chocolatier's stores. Vosges is not simple -by a long shot. You can get your truffles sprinkled with Indian curry or find a small petal of lavender on top.

The combination of flavors is astounding as they are complex.

In fact, yesterday, I visited the Manhattan location on Madison Avenue -because I just needed a fix after a bad restaurant visit the night before. Nothing like getting out of a mood by adding a bit of the choco to one's diet....

I initially meandered my there to get myself a nice, cold iced chocolate drink - the Azteca. Talk about muy muy bueno!! The hint of chili spices with vanilla and cinnamon really make this elixir something very special indeed. I chose to sit and sip from a tall glass in the shop -to people watch and just enjoy my favorite cold chocolate drink in the city. Plus, I was surrounded by chocolates, stark white furniture and fixtures that were a beautiful contrast to the deep purple color of the walls. It's just a fun place to stop in, grab some chocolate and take in the scene.

While there, I also had to pick up a box of 'naga' truffles. Sweet Indian curry, coconut and deep milk chocolate make this a true concoction of serendipity.

The young gentleman behind the counter was very friendly and offered me a sample from one of their newer truffles -that was called 'Balsamico'. From their "Collezione Italiana," this dark chocolate truffle boasts a 12-year aged balsamic vinegar candy goodness, sprinkled with Sicilian hazelnuts. But before you make the face of "ugh" and swear it off - let's not forget the recent studies regarding vinegar and weight loss! Seriously -chocolate with its antioxidants now combined with fat-reducing vinegar. O-M-G! Heaven in a truffle?

Ok, I made that face too. Before I sampled it. It was quite good and worth another bite. Or two. Or three. But wait. It was only a truffle. Guess it's time to buy a box.

Of course, I walked all the way home, rather than take the subway or bus back to my place. Nothing like indulging and then bulging! No, not this time... I'll be back again soon. That little box of truffles doesn't stay too long in an opened box. Nor do I share well. I keep my calories to myself. Literally and figuratively -but it's sooooo worth it!

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