A New Critical Blog About Good Food in the Big Apple

After a recent move to the Big Apple, I found myself in some amazing restaurants, hole-in-the-walls and hidden locations around this sprawling metropolis that had my friends and family telling me to make a blog about it.

I didn't start out as a food critic -or even someone that knew a lot about food. I like some food and not others. Simple, really.

So here I am.

I will write this blog not for only those who visit the greatest city in the world, nor will I write for tourists only. I'm writing for me and for you. If you like good food and strive to find something fan-freaking-fantastic worth blogging about yourself, then stop in here to see what's new on my list of 'must visits' or just plain 'stay aways'... there's plenty of both of those here in 'Gotham' and I hope to deal with a lot less of the latter.

There's a lot of exploration to be done here in New York City. So many restaurants come and go -and then there are the mainstays. But if I could offer ONE small tidbit of advice for ANYONE visiting NYC - stay away from dining at the chains in Times Square! What's the POINT?!

If I go to Paris, I don't want McDonald's... So if you're in NYC, stay away from TGIFriday's and Red Lobster. Unless you enjoy the next day's worth of diarrhea and overdosing on Mylanta. Just not worth it. Trust me.

Just keep in mind that I am very critical of where I eat. Restaurants need to be clean (obviously), the food should be fresh, flavorful and worth its price. Locations need not to be in an elitist neighborhood - in fact, I like the out-of-the-way place that makes you think, "WTH were they thinking?"

I'm also going to remain anonymous as possible - because the last thing I want is a free meal in order to be swayed by the restaurant's general manager that they are the best thing in the city. If it's the best, I'll let you know - but no one needs to know who it really is behind this laptop telling her readers what she really thinks or is criticizing. I want to be critical and palatable. Let's see how this goes....!

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