Interns 2017 has simply turned into a restaurant-reviewing machine, and one person cannot seem to do this any longer. Interns are just the type of talent that will take NYCFG to the next level. I will personally coach, guide and train you in your position. I am also fully willing and able to help you receive college credit for your work - that is the biggest reason why I want students to intern for this website. Interning is some of the best resume-building experience out there.

All positions UNPAID (sorry, but free food at great restaurants is a very good benefit and happens so much, I cannot go to all of the invites!); and just to be clear: does not accept paid reviews for restaurants or products. Some compensation has been included to ATTEND an event for coverage and/or for special events ONLY - and it is extremely RARE. However, all opinions are completely neutral regardless if the meals or event tickets are fully comped.

Internships are only available to NYC residents. This is due to the attendance required to be at an event in order to experience first-hand and write about the subject matter.

You must have your own laptop/computer/smartphone/tablet with an Internet connection available. You will meed to adhere and work on deadlines and also to be reliable; this is a remote working position without a designated office space. On occasion, you may be asked to go to a specific restaurant/cafe, but this is not a daily requirement. If you're a great independent worker and like creativity, this could be your ideal internship.

You should also like food. A lot. Being a food snob in this job is ok. We won't judge you at all if you are, but we will worry if you think McDonald's is fine dining. We're also very skeptic of someone that uses the term "Ahhhhh-mazing" at each opportunity.

Above all, you should have a good sense of humor because, well, it's just required. Meanies and Eeyores need not apply.

If you're still interested and you're not a curmudgeon, take a look at the three positions listed below. Please send a resume and a cover letter that outlines your interest in the position you seek to Admin @ nycfoodiegirl .com

In addition, you are also required to answer the following questions in your email:
1. Will you be taking this internship for college credit?
2. How many are hours are required for credit?
3. Did you have any prior experience in the area you are applying?

Here is what currently seeks (drum roll, please!):

We’re searching for someone who is self-motivated, has a positive attitude, and is eager to hit the ground running. This candidate should be an extremely organized, efficient worker who can deliver creative, error-free work with tight turnaround times.
The position is very hands on and our intern should expect, and welcome, working on every aspect of
This position will help with research, write, design, photo research, fact-check, and more. Interns are given their own blogger profile and are expected to produce editorial content for on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing/Social Media Coordinator
The perfect candidate MUST be savvy writer in 140 characters or less. If you know what SEO stands for, you are already ahead of the game. This is a daily responsibility, to include some nights and weekends. If you have a smart phone, you're already able to do this with relative ease... but you have to be VERY trustworthy. That's right, I'm looking for honest. Do you want to learn more?

Some of the daily tasks you might be responsible for include:
  • Managing social media sites/campaigns
  • Creating/Updating profiles and pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Uploading videos, photo albums, etc.
  • Increasing follows/friends
  • Writing and posting tweets/updates, etc.
  • Tracking the growth and the impact of social media on our business
  • Replying to comments, messages, etc.
  • Report findings to the team (via email -because no one has time for presentations when you're interning!)
  • Consistently learn and grow, ask pertinent questions

Web & Graphics Designer
If you're a computer wiz and just need some experience on your resume to get you that next awesome job, then you're the intern that can shine!

Here's what we need someone to do on a 1-2 times a week basis:

  • Handle day-to-day details and web issues that arise
  • Strong project management experience desirable
  • Take an interest in the NYC culinary scene
  • Have an ability to multi-task 
  • Understand how to work with people well and interpret their needs
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign Skills required
  • Social Media Savvy (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, blogging) so you can create fun, innovate backgrounds and tell the team what works, what doesn't
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and web coding - if you know any other fancy, geeky stuff, tell us about it

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