The Myth of the Mermaid in NYC

How is it possible that a publication, such as Cosmopolitan, allows a video to be created and go viral without the least bit of fact checking?

In this era of so-called "fake news" - this was TRULY the epitome of just that...

I am referring specifically to a video that was created regarding a mermaid mega drink, created and supposedly AVAILABLE at a local NYC bar on Pier 15 at South Street Seaport.

Because of said video -that was PROMOTED and went viral thanks to Cosmopolitan, my friend's birthday was PLANNED around going to the Watermark Bar, hoping for an amazing adult beverage that we could share and laugh and post photos about on her special day...

But no. Here's the bullsh!t that I speak of:

Much like the myth of the mermaid, there is no specialty mermaid drink at this bar. To be even more disappointed, the ability to have a frozen beverage was also unavailable because apparently, the frozen drink machine had broken the night before due to extreme usage.

And for what it's worth, they don't even use real glasses or anything other than disposable cups and plates at Watermark.

The visit was almost an epic fail all because of BAD reporting. The saving grace may have been the Watermelon Spiced Margarita. It's like a spicy, liquid version of a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. Yeah. That was delicious.

Plus, the service at Watermark was thankfully good.... but guess what? Having a table to drink and dine al fresco with disposable, lightweight drinking cups on a windy day, ENSURES SOMEONE WILL WEAR THEIR BEVERAGE at one point.

Thanks for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, Danielle OMG FAKER THAN FAKE Tullo at Cosmopolitan. You are NOT an expert... at anything and can officially BITE the big mermaid tail.


  1. Well this is just pitiful. Shame on them !

  2. It truly was sad. And I am HOPING that maybe this blog post can possibly warn others against such ridiculous claims.

  3. Ouch! That really sucks. You would think such a big company would have some checks in place.


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