Sincere Fan of Telepan

Just a quick post to give accolades to one of my favorite places on the Upper West Side: Telepan. I have had brunch there and can honestly say every time it is wonderfully delicious.

My favorite (pictured): FALLEN PANCAKES SOUFFLE with brown sugar bacon and huckleberry syrup.

A press release on their website touts "reviews that rave over the “clarity and focus of his food…elegant and without gimmickry” (The New York Observer), or “…puts its faith in fundamental virtues; its freshness, the pureness or punch of the flavors; the skill with which its been cooked” (The New York Times) it is no surprise that diners come from far beyond the West Side to eat at Telepan."

Yep. That's why I like it, too. And now that it's getting close to the weekend, I'm already dreaming about that brunch menu.

Have a favorite brunch spot in NYC you want to share? Let me know by commenting below. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Mmm, sounds lovely! I really adore Hotel Chantelle for brunch, .92 drink specials to boot!

  2. Great tip, Jess. I'll have to check that out! Thanks!


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