Birthday Cakes and "Business Cents"

Holy crap!

I think I may be in the wrong business! (Not that this is a real life-changing statement, because I am for SURE not in the right profession for my day job as it is... but that's off topic.)

Let me explain:

You see, next week is my little man's birthday. He's turning a rockin' 4 years old. We're pretty excited about it, and, as his parents, we've decided we're going to throw a very low-key children's party. (Remember this statement. It's important.)

We thought it would be low-cost as well. Low key + small children = Low Cost. That's the equation that makes SENSE, right?

Well, well, my dear readers - that could not be further from the truth.

We haven't even paid for any kind of entertainment and we're already in mucho bucks for this very easy-going party that is nothing for any record books. We don't have a clown nor have we rented a bouncy house. It's just a friendly gathering with 5 or 6 other "under fives" so to speak because, you know... he's FOUR!

But his cake? Over $200 ---and this is the BASIC cake. It's not shaped like anything special. There's no neon sign that was customized with his name. No one is serving it on a golden platter. It's just a whoppin' $200 plus NYC tax.

Geez Louise!

I had no idea. I'm still in sticker shock. My husband? Oh he knew. He predicted the price well before it was ordered and I told him he was flat out wrong-o on the price-o. "No way should it be over $80!" is what I said - and I thought I confidently added the Manhattan up-charge.

I hate to be wrong. But I was.

But again, I have the one 8" round cake - and no, it's not in the shape of anything. Because guess what? A shaped, specialized cake is starting - yes, STARTING - at $500. Seriously? This is not a wedding cake nor is it for a gazillion guests. LOW KEY. SMALL CHILDREN. We want LOW COST.

Sorry, we live in 2015 in Manhattan. You pay.

So there you have it.

Next week, I'll share the masterpiece from Carlos Bake Shop and we'll see if it tastes any better than mama's homemade cake. (Which, for the record, I don't think I've baked a cake in over 6 years at this point... so I'm sure the price far outweighs the risk if I baked it!)

I'll have to take on another job to pay for this low key celebration... I should start baking specialty cakes for a living...! Makes cents to me.....!


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