A Warning for Families Dining -Or Is It Just Me?

Shrimp and Grits with Coddled Egg
Diners be warned!
Ok, diners with children, maybe.

Recently, I went out to brunch - and oh my was it goooooood! My marinated shrimp with organic grits and coddled egg was divine! Textures and flavors were spot on.

I dined with our 3 year old and husband. Party of 3. Our son didn't order anything but fries and one of the runners offered him milk, and of course, a preschooler is going to nod with enthusiasm... so he had a big glass of milk (which he drank two sips of and was done). I can't tell you how much I hate wastefulness, but that's another blog post. He's just eating carbs and that's about it. I don't know what happened to the little boy that used to eat charred octopus and foie gras - we hope that culinary curiosity returns. Soon.

Anyway, after enjoying a truly delicious meal, the bill came. We were charged for 4 prix fixes, versus 2. The waiter was quick to apologize for the error and came back with the revised check.

We were charged for 3 entire prix fixes.

Apparently, we were charged a FULL price for a prix fixe for our child who did not eat a prix fixe...he had ONE order of fries a la carte plus milk! Plus, we didn't get the standard "breads and sweet things" that were supposed to be standard fare for the table.

Because of the timing, we merely paid, but then got mad about it, post-meal. I want to also note that our child was well-behaved and polite. We were courteous. Everything was fine. We thought our brunch was very good and both my husband and I love the space. We tipped well.

Yet, I just feel ripped off and regretful.

I thought I'd share my disappointment with all of you. I wasn't sure this was a way to standard charge a family, no matter if they ordered a meal or not?  I want to hear from you -have you had this happen before? Do I have any recourse?

Mama's mad and not happy!

Almost immediately after posting this, the chef reached out and is fixing the error. It was unexpected and exceptionally kind to look into this.  Chef mentioned, "People, not just kids, order a la carte and don't get charged." - I am truly grateful for this response and you'll find an update of my culinary experience soon. As I mentioned, the food was fantastic - we just got billed improperly. Thank you, Chef, for helping out with this one. **Cheers!**

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