Help Wanted: NYC's BEST Restaurant

I need your help.

I know it's easy to just ask "What's the best restaurant in NYC?" an expect an answer. If I had a dollar for every time someone asks me that, I'd have a vacation home in a few different places now. Ok, maybe just a really nice luxury hotel room for one night, but all the same..... I'm asked that question a LOT.

I can't easily dish out a blanket statement reply. It would be so very wrong if I did. I don't...

Yes, I write about various restaurants in the Big Apple. However,  I have a lot more writing to do, to consider myself a real critic or a foodie. I mean, what really constitutes the title of a so-called "foodie" anyway? I actually cringe at the term whenever I hear it. It just seemed right when I set up my blog 5 years ago to call it NYC Foodie Girl - although now,  I also question how long I can actually use the term, "girl" as well... (insert eye roll here).

All terminology and kidding aside, it just not a question that can be answered easily.

I send it back to you dear readers, Tweeters, FB followers and general curious people:
What do you like in terms of cuisine? Location? Price point? Do you want an experience or is a hole in the wall establishment more your style? What's YOUR PICK for NYC's BEST restaurant? Oh, - and most importantly, please tell me why.

I'm truly searching for the best of the best. And maybe, just maybe - it doesn't exist. But I need your help in figuring that out.

So please, leave a comment below about your best restaurant in NYC. I'd be happy to create a listing of "readers favorites" and go from there.  Thanks for your help and here's to delicious dining at all of your number-one places!


  1. Recently I have fallen in love with Boqueria, specifically the 19th St. location. The idea of Tapas allows guests to try so many different things, and there are always new and exciting special additions the the menu. The service has been second to none and the wine list is devine!

  2. I've heard a lot about this place, Boqueria, Maggie! Thanks so much for sharing your pick!


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