Number One Choice for Hot Chocolate in the City

Hot chocolate is really needed on those cold, cold days of winter.
In fact, right now, as I write this article, it seems like it is getting colder by the minute....So let's get to it!

First off, there are a lot of places that offer hot chocolate in New York City.  If you're looking for one of THE TOP choices in the city - keep reading....!

When you want good, I mean really, really goooood hot chocolate... think of Grom. Yes, the same Grom most noted for their authentic Italian gelato.

Grom's owners. No, I did not meet them in this field....
Their hot chocolates are truly terrific, as I can attest to, first hand. I met the Italian owners, Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom (pictured right), and talked about the process and the ingredients recently, while
sipping some samples over in the Columbus Circle location.

What did I like best? Just listening to them talk about their gelatos and other offerings, it was clear that Grom was all about the quality of products they use, combined with the ethical sourcing of their ingredients. Their cocoa is truly as rich as it gets, and they do NOT use powder. This hot chocolate is nothing like the watered down versions you get elsewhere - no, this is additive-free enjoyment.

No emulsifiers, colors, flavorings or thickners here. Grom is obsessed with their raw materials and its proof is in the taste.

The philosophy of Grom believes in leaving the "pureness of the flavor" to nature rather than to a processing plant. As a mom and a conscious consumer, it makes me feel really good to know I'm supporting a company that is responsible to society as a whole.

I tried three different flavors of hot chocolate:
Cioccolata calda Fondente (dark - NYCFG's personal fave!)
Cioccolata calda al latte
Cioccolata calda al Bacio
[Dark, milk and a hazelnut versions - see photo, above]

Ocumare Cocoa Pod
And the cream... the whipped heavy cream... OMG - there are no words. Even THAT was special!

It's really fascinating to know all that goes into a Grom creation. If you want the real not-so-skinny on it all: see the Grom website here.

Oh -and P.S.: They are introducing a gluten-free cone later this year and have collaborated with the Italian Celiac Association to make sure that they have products that are certified as Celiac friendly available to their customers.


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