A Perfectly Sweet Holiday Surprise

It was Thanksgiving morning and the intercom rang... indicating something was either being delivered or someone was coming to visit.

The dogs went crazy as soon as the familiar ring went off, as they normally do -if they know someone is about to be at the doorstep, they have to be faithful to their people. They are ready to spring into action and keep any unwanted events from happening, just by being the psycho Chihuahuas that they are. Who or what could it be??
My husband, Steven, wouldn't look me in the eye. Big indicator that something was up! No one in the house had properly dressed for the day yet and we were a mess of bedheads and PJs shortly before 9am on a holiday morning. What's wrong with that? (No holiday judgment allowed.)

Steven told me (again, without looking at me) that I "might want to get some other clothes on" but he also wouldn't tell me if it was a visitor or what was going on. Did my mom make the trip to NYC as a fun last minute secret? Is it one of my daughters? OMG!!! Is someone joining us for Thanksgiving?? Steven shot me a silly side glance that told me that something was good was going to happen... but I really had no idea.

When a delivery man with a big shopping bag arrived, Steven signed for it and closed the door. He then handed me the package - which I saw the logo for God's Love We Deliver on the outside and almost passed out.

I knew there was an auction for "The Cronut Mission" where Dominique Ansel Bakery did another "Cronuts for Good" campaign earlier that week. I seriously had no idea that Steven was even bidding. The details of the auction can be found here - but the best part is that I was surprised with special edition, delivered-to-the-house-right-on-time-for-breakfast PUMPKIN Cronuts! Oh -and tickets to a Broadway show!!

I really DO have THE. BEST. HUSBAND. Ever. How selfless and thoughtful. I'm at a loss of how to express my sincere surprise and appreciation.

So while my calorie count went through the roof this gluttonous Turkey Day, I really don't care. Sometimes, there are things worth it. These were worth their price in gold... which, if you notice, they are garnished with 24k gold leaf... so I also got my minerals for the day! (See? Cronuts can be healthy for you, too!)

Thank you Steven, Chef and God's Love We Deliver for bringing some extra cheer and a beautiful box of sweetness that I'll NEVER forget.

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  1. What a thoughtful and delicious gift! You've got a keeper there ;)


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