E&E Grill House: A Midtown Steak Out

Hangar Steak Grilled Salad
A recent visit to E&E Grill House was a welcome addition to NYC Foodie Girl's list of reviewed restaurants. In fact, I think this location would be especially prime for theater goers and tourists.
Why? Because it's right across the street from Broadway's super big hit, The Book of Mormon.

The E&E menu proves to be exceptionally approachable and easy on the wallet (which is a rarity in NYC for sit-down meal outside of chain restaurants).

The food was large on portion sizes and the hangar steak seems to be one of the top attractions. We all liked the lobster bisque and agreed that the steak sandwich was indeed very tasty, only the bun was overly humongous. If you like a lot of bread on a sandwich, this is perfect for you -otherwise, ditch the top half and tackle your sandwich with a fork and knife. (FYI: It's acceptable and completely civilized to eat in this manner.)

And oh! YES! I saw bacon on the appetizer list - WHOA! I love, love, LOVE bacon, ok? But I would have liked it much more if it had something other than... let's say.... bacon on the whole plate!  I am glad I ordered a kale salad, because bacon just needs to have something else with it to make it even better. Does that make sense? Bacon on its own is good, don't get me wrong - but again, the portion size was large and I'm thinking it was a bit too heavy to be a stand-alone dish. If you order it, get something else to have with it. My recommendation to the restaurant is to add a slice or two to the menu as an added side/portion -but not to offer a big ol' plate of the pretty pork on its own. That makes me a bit sad and I don't know why...

Steak Sandwich
Anyway... on to other things. Their $9.90 lunch special with an All-American Burger deal gets a lot of attention, and for good reason.... Anything under $10 for a full meal in this town is practically unheard of! One Yelp reviewer noted, "Given all of the overpriced restaurants in the theater district, I think E&E is a solid choice."

Along with the experience I had with the NYCFG staff, we agreed that the service was friendly and attentive -in fact, my colleagues found the interior very welcoming. I liked the fact that it was also very good for a business luncheon, as the acoustics allowed for people to speak without voices carrying or being too loud. It's always pleasant to talk in a conversational tone versus screaming.

While I am not a big fan of going to Midtown for much of anything, I do love a Broadway show and a pre-theatre meal that is decent. With all of the other offerings that you'll find, E&E gives you a real bargain and genuine sincere service with a smile. I would recommend this restaurant for those of you looking for a good dining experience for a business luncheon or pre/post-theatre.

Disclaimer: NYCFG and staff was invited to go to E&E Grillhouse - the meal was offered gratis with an agreement that the review would be presented honestly and without bias.

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